RedHen CRM sprint at DrupalCon today!

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2013-05-24 09:00 - 13:00 America/Los_Angeles
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Sticking around DrupalCon PDX today? Join us for at RedHen CRM sprint! We'll be working on a lot of new functionality, as well as Migrate 2.x classes.


Thank you to all our DrupalCon RedHen sprinters!

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Bolstered by Dries's nod to RedHen CRM in his keynote address, our RedHen code sprint at DrupalCon last Friday was a great success. This being our first community sprint, the ThinkShout team was happy to collaborate with an awesome group of development partners, including Stein Setvik from Forum One, Alan Sherry from FreeFlowDigital, Chris Ward from MoatMedia (in Australia), and Jesse Longacre. Together we made progress on three fronts:

  • First, we came up with a development roadmap, user interface, and stubbed out code base for a RedHen dedupping and merge feature;
  • Second, we began work on a CiviCRM-to-RedHen migration tool;
  • And finally, we completed an initial release of a RedHen Feeds module for creating RedHen contacts and organizations.

We look to keep this community momentum going into June with the help of these (and many other) partners and friends. In particular, we are focused this next month on completing the dedupping and merge feature and the CiviCRM-to-RedHen migration tool, a as well as continuing to sprint on RedHen community documentation.

Thank you to all those in the community supporting the RedHen initiative!

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