Working with date field

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Despite reading some documentation and looking to google on this subject i don't achiev to do the job ...
severals thing dont' goes well :
gives me a timestamp and not a datetime object.
i can't find a way to get the value2 in my field
doesn't work.
3)trying to set the date is a problem too
doesnt work :Unable to get a data value. Error: Unable to set the data property value as the parent data structure is not set.

Does someone has done this before ?


Need more details about the issue!

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Well, have you ever used the submodule "Date Popup". I think it helps in providing a jQuery UI pop up widget for date fields. it might not be that easy.

I'm not currently aware of any pre-boxed modules that would help here..

Need more details. What modules, what Drupal version, etc?