Collaborating on DevOps tools for the Drupal Community.

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Drupalcon Portland inspired me to start a discussion on steps we can take to foster more collaboration and discussion on DevOps as it applies to those using Drupal. There is a ton of DevOps knowledge distributed throughout the community that is sadly not being shared in a helpful manner. This could be some nifty trick a freelancer picks up that goes undocumented, up to a larger agency using a full suite of tools not released for public use/modification.

Times are changing, and DevOps in my opinion is more approachable than ever. However, the plethora of tools and choices of implementation might feel overwhelming to someone just starting out.

How can we make this less of an issue? What are ways in which the community is already addressing this? Current projects, current discussions, anything of that nature would be of great help in trying to gauge what projects on, or even on github, may be of interest to those in this group, and furthermore, listing these things will help identify gaps in knowledge where some can chime in to help.

Feedback and thoughts are more than welcome here :)


Some Helpful Links

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Two ongoing discussions at related to optimizing MySQL for Drupal:
Wiki -
Thread -

Vagrant seems to be in fairly heavy use in our community to facilitate common development environments, especially for those who like to work locally -

Vagrant then uses some type of provisioner to setup the environment inside the virtual machine. Although there is nothing wrong with Puppet, most DevOps folks I chatted with last week at DrupalCon Portland are leaning more towards Chef:
OpsCode Chef Page -
OpsCode Cookbooks on github -
It must be acknowledged that using unvetted community cookbooks in a production environment is dangerous. Read your cookbooks before using in production! To that end:
Just Enough Ruby For Chef -

I personally use Puppet and

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I personally use Puppet and Aegir for all my Drupal production and Vagrant for Drupal development. There's actually a whole bunch Puppet code for Drupal and Vagrant and Aegir on

There might be similar stuff for Chef - I don't know - but I use all of this for my Devops and I can say it's pretty great. :-)


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I know it's not related at all to your questions, but the comments seem to go that way:

At portland there was a great session about using Puppet and the drupal module (written by the speaker) :

This is all great stuff, keep

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This is all great stuff, keep it coming!

I think eventually we could have enough here to compile some documentation pages on this topic. I'm really glad that there have been so many replies thus far!

You people rock!