How to generate a static version of a multilingual site?

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Hello all,

(I'm new to Drupal internationalization. Excuse me if this is not the appropriate forum for my question)

What is the best way to generate a static version of a Drupal 7 multilingual site?

My site is currently available in English, Portuguese and Spanish. Every time that I try to use tools such as HTTrack to generate a static version of it, I end up with a bunch of loops and other errors that seem to be associated with the Multilink Redirect module. Has anyone already done anything similar? Can you help me out?

Thanks in advance!



Leo, by "static", do you mean

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Leo, by "static", do you mean a local version of the site?

I have successfully copied translated, multilingual versions of my sites back to my development environment and never had a problem. I've sometimes distributed these sites on a USB drive. I know this works with The Uniform Server and WAMP server. You can make it easier by using Drush to make an archive-dump of your existing site and then loading it onto one of these AMP stacks running in your local environment.

Here's a link to some documentation I wrote explaining how to do this:

Good luck!


No, by "static" I mean "non-dynamic"

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Hi Matt,

Thanks for your message! Your instructions seem to describe how to generate an "offline" (USB drive) version of the site with its associated database. What I'm trying to do is different. I'd like to generate a database-less version of my site that would run as a collection of HTML/Javascript web pages independently of Drupal. That is commonly done for high volume/secure sites that need to be online all the time.

It is possible to use HTTrack and other tools to generate a static version of Drupal sites ( However, I'm having problems doing that for multilingual sites. That's what I'm looking for help here...

Does anyone have any suggestions?



Perhaps the Boost module may work better?

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Have you tried using Drupal’s Boost module to generate the static pages?

Re: Perhaps the Boost module may work better?

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Hi Anthony,

No, I haven't tried the Boost module, yet. Does it tend to work well with multilingual sites?



If you use the language as

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If you use the language as part of your url like

you should be ok with boost