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VVM understands that it has to play a significant role in the support and education of various social and environmental causes. VVM as a company is fully committed to lessening its carbon footprint on earth and protecting and supporting all initiatives to protect planet earth and all its inhabitants (animals, plants, air and the ocean).

VVM's focus is the empowerment of previously disadvantaged communities and, in particular, previously disadvantaged attorneys. Through expertise and technology, such firms are empowered to handle work which they would not otherwise have been able to execute. In the process, these firms acquire new levels of expertise together with access to advanced Information Technology.

Some projects that VVM has been actively involved todate.


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VVM Attorneys: Social & Environmental Development

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VVM Attorneys: Social

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Carbon footprint? Is it a useful tool we can use to help Nature or a mere economic trap used by the rich nations to control the poor? It is like saying: Let us stop using coal or fossil fuels but selling them to other nations while they go green.