Drupal Social Initiative Process

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This wiki page is to detail the process and aims of the Drupal Social Initiative.

  • We need to play nice with current social network integration modules and work with maintainers to decide how we can best abstract functionality for common tasks.
  • Refactor code iteratively.
  • One of the primary aims is to stop needless proliferation of overlapping functionality in the contrib modules that are relevant to the Social Initiative.
  • Create meta issues for contrib maintainer engagement - create issues in their module queues. Say "here's a specific example to demonstrate how we want to interact and create issues and engagement to pool our thoughts/issues.
  • ...


Anybody out there?

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Okay, maybe some words about myself. I am not a coder, but I know a thing or two about computers. I started on Drupal in 2008 and have been learning ever since. My prime hobby project is a social site which my friends and I use:


As is true with most sites the work is never really finished. Right now I am trying to get certain things working with rules. But I am stuck. So I came here to maybe exchange some thoughts with other who are doing similar things.

Looks like I am the first here. Oh well.

Best wishes,
Paul aka Zooot.

Kind regards,

Zooot Net
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