should or should not wait for drupal 8

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I am planning to build a mobile app with server side on drupal because of its advantages like cck, scalability, views/rules and above all my personal liking and exposure to it,
front end would be native. I need your support in three matters

1) should i wait for drupal 8 for next 2-3 months and then start working on it as it would give me options to explore new features and mobile frendly modules. My app first phase would require, views, cck, rules, flags, references and relations.

Or should i start it in drupal 7 itself

2) how should i hire a developer for android inside drupal community as integration would be required with android application. Are there any good developers in india (esp delhi) so that i can closely work on this app.


1/ Drupal 8 will be released

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1/ Drupal 8 will be released by the end of the year, but probably in the begin of 2014

2/ Depending off the app you can have a look at web apps, and optionally combine it with something like phonegap for 'native'. My advise would be to use a web app unless there's a compelling reason to go native.

Drupal 7 mobile guide

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@kunalreck What @attiks says is correct. There is a detailed mobile guide to help with implementation of mobile solutions that people can use today with Drupal 7! Please checkout

There is a time to releasing Drupal 8.

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@kunalreck there is a time to releasing D8. you should go ahead with Drupal 7 as @Shyamala and @attiks says.


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