Interesting approach

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I'm testing Prometheus and I think it's an interesting module/approach for those, like me, who have a Java enterprise background with MVC frameworks. So developement with Drupal can be more natural.

I followed the first steps of the tutorial (here:, and I faced a little problem. I can't succeeded to render in a specific region (it renders the whole page), even when I these settings:

'template' => array(
        'load_as_region' => 'content'  // only load content to content area

I asked me if it's not related to a bug corrected in a previous module version, but that not be present in the latest module.

Anyway, I hope Prometheus will drag more interest from the community.




To be more precise

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I'm using Drupal 7, and I found this post ( that talks about a rendering problem corrected in Prometheus 7.x-1.5. So I will test it to see the difference.

Hello. Are you solved this

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Hello. Are you solved this problem?


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Drupal is supposedly Presentation-Abstraction-Control (PAC).

I'm not familiar enough with either PAC or MVC to answer this by looking at the docs / examples: Does Prometheus truly follow MVC, or does it more add a convenient interface for coding under the existing Drupal PAC paradigm?

Re: MVC or PAC

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@kentr, Prometheus adds familiar MVC type interface for development under Drupal. You can still use all the standard functions, hooks, etc. Prometheus just shifts how you do custom development with Drupal into MVC arena.

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Re: Interesting approach

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load_as_region should work normally. Let me know if you are still experiencing issues with this. Thanks.

Alex Pavlovic - Founder / CEO / Developer
DevRadius Inc.
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