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I'm testing Prometheus and I think it's an interesting module/approach for those, like me, who have a Java enterprise background with MVC frameworks. So developement with Drupal can be more natural.

I followed the first steps of the tutorial (here:, and I faced a little problem. I can't succeeded to render in a specific region (it renders the whole page), even when I these settings:

'template' => array(
        'load_as_region' => 'content'  // only load content to content area

I asked me if it's not related to a bug corrected in a previous module version, but that not be present in the latest module.

Anyway, I hope Prometheus will drag more interest from the community.




To be more precise

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I'm using Drupal 7, and I found this post ( that talks about a rendering problem corrected in Prometheus 7.x-1.5. So I will test it to see the difference.

Hello. Are you solved this

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Hello. Are you solved this problem?


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Drupal is supposedly Presentation-Abstraction-Control (PAC).

I'm not familiar enough with either PAC or MVC to answer this by looking at the docs / examples: Does Prometheus truly follow MVC, or does it more add a convenient interface for coding under the existing Drupal PAC paradigm?

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