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I am thinking about moving into California(from Europe) and I am curious about which California based companies are the best ones to work for? I'm more interested in full service advertising afencies rather than just companies specialized on websites(pure Drupal shops). Also I'm more interested in companies with more than 50 employees(I've worked for small companies and want a change of environment).

Which companies would you recommend?

And my second question is: I have a 7 years of pure Drupal experience on daily basis. What salary should I ask for since I can't just use exchange rates for USD and I am not familiar with costs of living, taxes, insurance...

PS: would it be too much if I'd ask an employer to provide me with housing?


I love this post. Will you be

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I love this post.

Will you be looking for relocation assistance? If so, send your resume to Droplabs, where we'll print it out and place on our "take a card, leave a card" table. This is a free community resource, but donations to cover our printing costs are very welcome.

For salary comparisons, I highly recommend checking out to see what the salaries are for positions in various cities. The data is crowdsourced by the employees themselves and I've found it to be highly accurate.

If you'd like to check out a couple cities before you decide where you may be moving to, check out our California Drupal Travelers Program:

It's sort of like an informal AirBnB or but for members of the Drupal community. It's also great for companies who want to tour cities in California and give product demos.

As far as which companies to recommend… I'd love to hear what others have to say. The company where I work has always catered to remote workers (half of our team isn't in California), so I'm a bit biased.

Ivan, have you given your

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Ivan, have you given your visit / relocation to California any more thought?

Thought Matrix

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I work for Thought-Matrix (, the digital side of Rauxa ( I love it. As far as relocation help goes, it doesn't hurt to ask :)


California is a big state!

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Hi Ivan,

California is a big place -- Thought Matrix that Jeff mentioned above is in San Francisco and specializes in more than just Drupal, they do custom apps and a variety of CMSs. The fairly recent merge with Rauxa has grown the company to the size you are looking for and they have a lot of big name clients.

Source: I worked there; recently started a small Drupal shop (in San Francisco and Santa Cruz)

There are SO MANY of 50+ agency type shops that vary based on tech, industries serviced, and corporate culture. Even living in SF, it is hard to keep up with how many shops are around here that fit what you are looking for.

If you really want to branch out for the more shiny agencies, try these big digital agencies - they have offices in the SF and LA areas:
* RG/A
* Sapient (they have a ton of different arms of their business - Nitro, Government, etc.)

I know it isn't in your search area, but the team at Instrument are so awesome, they deserve a mention. They are in Portland, Oregon Instrument - They are a really fantastic and outstanding group of creative people and have a fun company culture.

Best of luck!
Aimee :-)

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Sorry for offtopic. Do you

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Sorry for offtopic. Do you think there is a remote chance of finding a job without moving to live in the U.S. and where it should be better to look for? The work related to the development of sites on Drupal.
Thanks in advance!

Check out the larks

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Hi darkdim, check out Exaltation of Larks. We're nudging up to that size, and are physically located in Los Angeles and Boston. We're a distributed company, and many of our developers take advantage of their own life-work balance, and work from overseas, whether they're based in the US or not. Our contractors have freedom to work the hours they want to work, wherever they can get a solid and reliable internet connection.

For more info, check out:  

We are a Drupal-based shop, and currently have mobile web and mobile app projects, and are branching into other media formats. Drupal is the backbone of everything we do.

Christefano, who posted earlier, works with me, and I second the Drupal Travelers' Program.

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Thank you for your answer! I

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Thank you for your answer!
I have read the information in "Jobs" on the site Exaltation of Larks.
I think to write a letter to the email listed there.
You do not know, there are companies offering work on Drupal, which would serve as project managers working people who speak Russian (Ukrainian) language? I have no difficulty in reading in English, but "live" communication in English may be difficult due to lack of practice.
In any case, thank you again, I'll move in that direction, because any movement is growing up.