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Local Freelancers

Hey LA and Irvine Drupalers. If anyone is looking for freelance opportunties in the Irvine / LA area and has Senior PHP / D7 experience let me know

We are also interested in speaking to anyone with React.js experience

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Does Drupal LA have a SCALE 15X discount code?

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Looking for shared hosting

I am looking for shared web hosting , i got many options to choose from , meanwhile i like this
inmotion hosting review but the thing is should i go for it or not . My location is California

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BADCamp 2015 carpool / rideshare from Los Angeles or Santa Barbara

Who's going to BADCamp 2015? If anyone is offering or requesting a carpool / rideshare from Los Angeles or Santa Barbara, please post it here.

Are you presenting? Looking forward to a particular summit or BoF? Post about that, too!

This year, BADCamp returns to Berkeley for another four days of sprints, summits, sessions, trainings, parties, donuts, and general mayhem … And as ever, BADCamp is entirely free. We can't wait to see you there!

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Looking for Drupal 8 Configuration Management Contrib modules

I am compiling a list of Drupal 8 Configuration Management modules for a project I am working on. These would be anything from Drush modules to dev tools for D8.

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Google OAuth2 Service Account module

As some of you know, I've written a pair of modules dealing with the Google client API library. I've just submitted an issue to review the module that supports OAuth 2.0 service account connections and promote it to full module status. The issue is at which points to the project. The module is designed to deal with updates to the Google client library. It's used by my sandbox module, Google Calendar Merge, at which allows a user to import data from Google calendars as individual events.

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Anyone up for an informal meetup this evening?

The meetup tonight got cancelled and it was going to be one of my last LA meetups for a while. So I'm wondering if anyone else would be up for an informal meetup this evening (a earlier starting after dark :)). Also suggestions for a location would be welcome.

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Any drupal developers near Little Tokyo up for lunch sometime?

I work near Union Station, wouldn't mind having lunch with other Drupal developers sometime.

Me, I'm only loosely a Drupal developer; I'm still piecing together how to use the Migrate module + Features + fit. I'm almost there :-)

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Help: where to find new sub-contract/freelance customers?

Hello Drupal community, I'm looking for more freelance / contract work at the moment. And I was wondering where good places were to find it?

I run my own small agency in Santa Barbara CA and I can offer the following services: Drupal module coding, theming, front-end interactivity, custom design, project management, information architecture and more.

So far I know about Drupal Groups, meet ups, and craigslist. Any other good resources for finding new clients?



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DrupalCon LA - 2 tickets for sale - 50% off


We bought too many tickets for DrupalCon Los Angeles 2015 and we would like to transfer them to someone else:

  • 1 student ticket: $150 (50% off since the current price is $300)
  • 1 regular ticket: $300 (50% off since the current price is $600)

If anyone is interested, feel free to add a comment or contact me:

More information about current prices here:

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