Using Display Suite for the front page?

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I'm learning to use DS to build a relatively simple site but where I like to "expose" various parts of the content on the front page. I think I could do this relatively easy using Panels and Views, but if possible I would like to avoid the extra weight from Panels and only use DS for all display, so what is best way to do this?

I can see using Views Displays as one possible way to go, creating a view that fetch all I need and then distribute it on the DS layout, possibly using DS fields if that comes smoother. Or is there a better way that you with more DS experience already have worked out?

This is my first DS site and I searched d.o. quite closely about the topic but couldn't really find anything useful. Any input welcomed.



I would recommend creating a

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I would recommend creating a front-page template in your theme and declaring some front-page specific regions. And using views and DS to fill in the front page reqions. I dislike panels so I would not recommend using it in the first place.

No need for views or panels!!

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This is exactly the same approach that I took.
1-Create a special contentype only for the frontpage with all the fields/images/texts/fields I need.
2-create only one node (frontpage content-type)
3-Use DS layouts (3 columns) for main region content-type
4-"add fields to block with DS" for blocks and regions.
see for details

No need for views or panels!!


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