who setup station in D7 successfully?

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HI all,

i am facing more issue about configuration station in D7. So, does any superman setup/configuration/running station module successfully. Would you please write some document?


I too would like some more

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I too would like some more info on this

Kansas Public Radio - http://www.kansaspublicradio.org

Station running on our D7

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We have been running station on our D7 website, for some time now, and it works great...

If there is anything specific you would like to know or if you have specific challenges, I'd be glad to try and help if I can.

Thanks! I'm testing it out

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Thanks! I'm testing it out right now with http://simplytest.me and it works great!

I'm a PHP, Javascript, HTML/CSS programmer so hopefully I will be able to contribute to the module! I will be using these modules for the new station website I'm building for Kansas Public Radio. Will save me a lot of work! Our website will also have a news section that will connect with the NPR API via the NPR modules, and have blogs and breaking news and basic info, so the website will be more than just the station module.

Kansas Public Radio - http://www.kansaspublicradio.org

program now playing?

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what did you do for your "On-air now" block, current program block??

I don't see an easy way to do it with Views, so I'm thinking I'll just write some PHP into a block. Looks pretty simple, just query the table station_schedule_items and to get the nid for the program that is scheduled for the current time, then query for that nid and display it's name, img, link, etc.


wow, nevermind, the block was already created by the station module, I don't know how I missed it. Well, that was easy!

Kansas Public Radio - http://www.kansaspublicradio.org

On-Air Block

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Actually, our on-air blocks are custom PHP. We're not using the on-air blocks that came with the Station module because we wanted more control, like adding the FB Like button for each presenter and also linking to their Profile2 profile.

yes, I'm thinking I'll want to customize too

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yes, I'm thinking I'll want to customize it myself. I'm getting an error (notice actually) on the page when they're displayed (it says Notice: Trying to get property of non-object in station_schedule_program_get_at). [edit: found the patch, https://drupal.org/node/1899290 it fixed it]

Is is possible to provide that php code?


Kansas Public Radio - http://www.kansaspublicradio.org

Where does schedule data live?

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Question - Does/could this tie in with NPR/DS Composer API for on-air and live song data?

We're using NPR Composer and

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We're using NPR Composer and using the widgets and API to get on-air live song data and playlists onto our website. It doesn't tie into the Station module at all though. All our hosts use Composer to log the songs they play, then we can export the data to submit to whatever agency for reporting purposes. The now-playing and playlist widgets are just extras. Again, there's no connection to the Station module, except for the program URLs (programs are created by the Station module) that are saved in Composer.


If you'd like to poke around the Composer API, go to http://api.composer.nprstations.org and you can get your station's api key by logging into Composer and getting the widget code. They key is in the URL.

Kansas Public Radio - http://www.kansaspublicradio.org

Status of module and documentation

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There's a Drupal 8 port underway, but I'm assuming a stable release is going to take some time. That said, would the Drupal 7 version of the Station module be the recommended choice for clients who may want a Drupal based solution or are there better options? Would it be a realistic option for a small station with a limited budget? What's the state of documentation?

Gus Austin

In the process of setting it up

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I have most of the station module up and running. The schedule and program parts are up and looking good. I'm scrapping the playlist and catalog portion for another in-house software. Still working on the archive part. I could never get the stream ripper successfully working. But I have a php script that seems to be functioning alright instead of that. Also the archives page is still showing "Access Denied" - Has anyone set this up successfully?


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