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The purpose of this wiki page is to develop a list of functional requirements for the Station module as development proceeds. The list is divided into Must Haves, Nice to Haves, and Future Considerations. Please add your own station's requirements to the list under the appropriate category with your d.o username next to each that you agree with. Please consult the group before demoting any requirement.

When a general consensus direction is reached on each requiremnt, these can be turned into issues at the Station issue queue

This list began out of conversations from the Drupalcon 2012 Radio BOF in Denver hosted by drewish as how to proceed in D7.


  • Show (or Program) Scheduler (drewhutchinson, sjeslis, sadieswanson)

    • Down to the minute
    • Create and edit all "on-air" times in one place
    • Fields would be: Title, short description (times on-air), Image (large and tumbnail), Show Description (Body)
    • Calendar view of all programs, Day, week, month
  • Playlist (drewhutchinson, sjeslis)

    • Charting system to track top spins
    • Flexibility to add custom fields without needing too much hackery
  • Now Playing Block (drewhutchinson, patricroma, sjeslis)

    • On Air now (show) (sjeslis)
    • Track now playing with cover art (sjeslis)
    • Last 'x' number of tracks that played (sjeslis)
  • Audio archive (drewhutchinson)


  • Musicbrainz and/or Amazon integration on playlist, catalog nodes (will catalog be in a D7 port? -ra)



For the schedule there are several options that may be defined. For show x that airs at 8:30 am every other Monday morning and lasts 2 hours it could be setup as:

  • Scheduled at a full "calendar" level
    • Repeating dates - April 2nd 8:30am to 10:30am / April 16th 8:30 to 10:30am etc...
  • Shows are scheduled for a Day and time range
    • Monday 8:30am to 10:30am (some how noting that it is alternating with another show)
  • Shows are scheduled for a Week / Day / Time Range
    • Odd or Even Weeks - Monday - 8:30 to 10:30

For the full calendar option is seems easy enough using views / date fields to create a "playing now" block. For the next two options it is less clear how to make that work.

For my case (joemoraca) option 3 would work best as it seems simpler to understand - but for determining what is playing now or today you somehow have to parse out week, day and time to match now().

Just to second this, option 3 is also best for us (sadieswanson) as all of our shows get scheduled on a weekly basis. If this was available we would definitely use it.


Sourcefabric Airtime

darvit's picture

An open source radio automation software that has some features similar to what is described above. Perhaps worth a look to investigate some features.

Mabe even Drupal can provide the consumer-facing radio station website and connect to airtime to provide the show/song/announcer infromation.

Has anyone looked at this?

jefgodesky's picture

It seems pretty impressive to me, but my station is a bit different from most of yours. What do the rest of you think of this?

Jason Godesky

I think a good place to start

jayepoch's picture

I think a good place to start might be to determine whether or not the Station module itself is used to run the radio stations broadcasts, or if its purpose is to only provide information about those broadcasts.

The old station module seems to have taken the latter approach -- taking a radio stream that was already running and building a Drupal site around it. ie, the Station Archive module used StreamRipper to archive the broadcast. For an internet radio broadcaster this is highly redundant.

If the Station module can't be used to run the station itself then all the auxiliary metadata is being entered into a system twice -- once into whatever is being used to run the station itself, and then again into Drupal.

So for me, the first Must Have would be to develop a way for Drupal to actually power the broadcast of an internet radio station. Most of the other requirements could then be developed around this goal.

Well this sounds like a

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Well this sounds like a totally new project all together. The idea of running a radio station from Drupal sounds like it could work, but there are a lot of hurdles. I think that the AirTime project from Sourceforge is also somewhat interesting. We at WCRS ended up with a hybrid where we have our programmers upload to our website and then in turn we use a proprietary automation system named RadioLogik that downloads their shows as podcasts and schedules them.

I don't think that developing an automation system is within the scope of a Drupal 7 port of the Station module but perhaps something could be put together with the Community Media project.

And there is an issue with duplication of metadata. The Audio module seems to be the biggest hurdle in terms of porting the project as it has never even received a stable Drupal 6 release and I'm not sure if anyone has thought of porting it to Drupal 7.

I know that Sourcefabric at least played with the idea of developing a drupal module to integrate their system with Drupal. I don't think anyone has done any development though on this. They are currently offering their SaaS solution AirTime Pro but I don't think it offers a complete website.

I think that integration of social networking and spam control are the features we are looking to implement next, but looking forward to a drupal 7 based Station module would be useful as well.

Airtime Fills Part Of The Bill..

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I didn't see that it had an "AutoDJ" like Station Playlist does. Typically at my on-line station we have "shows" 3 hours a day and the rest are auto-generated playlists.

Let's get the ball rolling..

ydahi's picture

Any Drupal developers willing to tackle the integration of AirTime?

I can provide some support and possibly sponsorship.

Web & Multimedia Developer

I have been thinking about

robbt's picture

I have been thinking about doing this with my cooperative. The radio station I help run has been planning a move to airtime and we already use drupal for our website. I know that there has been some talk about it, but how would you want the two to integrate.

We are in the process of

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We are in the process of setting up a campus radio station, pending license, and are looking to invest heavily in the web-end of the the project by delivering podcasts, on demand/livestreaming video and audio, interactive playlists, etc.

I'm still playing around with AirTime, internet radio is a completely new beast for me, however I will share requirements once the client provides them.

In the mean time, can we possibly create a new wiki so that we don't hijack this one?

Web & Multimedia Developer


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