Looking for Employers to take on Apprentices

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We are a London based training provider looking for organisations willing to take on a Drupal Apprentice. We can advertise your vacancy, interview and recruit potential apprentices. We will run a pre-apprenticeship course to test for and teach technical skills before we nominate a suitable apprentice. We have government funding to deliver training & support for your apprentice and you can apply for a grant of £1,500. Please contact if you are interested and would like to find out more.


Druapl Apprentices

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Have you considered employing an Apprentice?

We are a London based training organisation and have been working with Drupal agencies to create a Drupal Apprenticeship programme. This is an opportunity both to fill your skills gap and help a young person get started in the industry. The programme includes classroom training covering
• Content management system website creation: Drupal
• Web technologies: PHP, HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery
• Using collaborative technologies
• Principles of keywords and optimisation
• Social Networking management for a business
• Principles of Social Media within a business
And will include contact with other apprentices, aiming to build strong links within the Drupal community.

With an apprentice you would gain an employee that will be mentored, supported and given training for at least one year, by an award winning training provider, enabling them to achieve a recognised qualification.

You can also claim a government grant, usually £1,500 but currently £3,000 for London based employers.

We are dedicated to try and help local young people get into work, shockingly 1 in 4 young people are unemployed.
You will be fully supported by us, you gain a talented and eager young employee to help your business and you could even get a grant to help out financially.

contact coders@happy.co.uk if you are interested and would like to find out more.

Drupal Apprenticeship Success

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The Drupal Apprenticeship programme has been incredibly useful for us at Code Positive and for the apprentices we have employed.

Read more about the programme from the point of view of one of our Drupal Apprentices

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