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Hi! Wondering how (or if it's possible) to handle children without email addresses as contacts. For the site we're developing we need parents to be able to register their children for programs and events. We were planning on using CiviCRM but Redhen looks like a much more graceful solution if it can do what we need.

I've been trying it out with Debut_Redhen and see that a person can indeed register other contacts for an event but the method of specifying that contact is by email address, so it won't work to have children share the parents email address as there wouldn't be a way to specify which child gets registered for the event.

Any insight on if/how we could achieve this?

Very excited about Redhen, hope we can go this route. If so I'll gladly put together a case study. Thanks!


Optional contact setting

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We actually just committed a patch that adds a setting to make email address optional for contacts. Check out the latest dev tarball or grab the code with git. Good luck!

Lev Tsypin

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email field is locked

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I tried creating a new contact type for children and the email field is locked. I started with the debut_redhen app and just tried this from scratch with the Redhen modules and the email field is locked on new contact types. I'm not a programmer (but want to learn!!!) so digging into the code to see if I can override how Redhen configures field isn't an option for me now.

It's pretty important to have the children entered as contacts as we need to track the programs each child has participated in over time, so something like adding a adding a simple text field to the registration form for the parent to type the kid's name into wouldn't work.


oh!!! you responded while I

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oh!!! you responded while I typed :)
awesome!!! thanks!!!

And to clarify, it's not a

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And to clarify, it's not a field setting on the redhen_email field, it's a separate redhen setting found along side things like whether or not to link contacts to Drupal users.

Lev Tsypin

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