UPS Tracking Number Field Type

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I have created a module for a client which I am calling "ups_tracking_number" which is more or less a custom field type with three displays: text, link (links tracking number to UPS Web site) and detail.

The detail view is the most interesting, and renders tracking numbers as a table showing latest status (uses the UPS tracking Web service). Clicking on the tracking number link opens a page within the Drupal site showing the full package history, just as you would see on the UPS Web site.

I have included a couple of screenshots. This module, if contributed, would optionally integrate with the already Commerce UPS module (so that you would not have to enter your credentials twice.)

I have done a lot of custom Drupal development in the last couple of years but this would be my first contributed module. Thoughts?

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You might want to black out

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You might want to black out the addresses in your image - that's personal information.

That aside, I think it's a good idea, and definitely will be of use to those who have Commerce sites and ship via UPS - which I'm sure is a significant number of people.

Can you share this module?

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Hi. This project is very interesting for me. Please, can you share it with me? I can help you with testing.
I'll be waiting for reply (my email is
m y - m a a i l @ m a i l. r u).

In case anyone is still

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In case anyone is still interested in a module like this I've created a new one: Tracking number

Tracking number exposes a new field type that allows for storage and display of tracking numbers for all the major US shipping companies. By default it displays the tracking number as a link to track the package on the shipping company's website.

Handy in cases where you need to tie shipment tracking numbers to orders or other entities.