Open Atrium 2 - Scaling & Performance

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I'm just starting to investigate OA and I was wondering how it scales with large numbers of spaces, sections, groups, teams etc. Will OA perform ok with 10k spaces? How about 100k spaces? I know I can always throw hardware at any problem, but there is generally a recommended limit for these things - how far has OA been pushed and handled the load?

Thanks, TJ


OA 2 Scaling & Performance

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Hey TJ!

Great question! We've tried it with about 1,000 spaces with one of our clients, but have not yet worked on a project that requires more. Generally, the performance does not have anything to do with the number of spaces, so it should be fine as long as you're running a database server that can handle that much content.

As we move into the Beta cycle, we'll be doing more performance tuning and will be able to give you a better idea from our experiences. However, you're more than welcome to help out by testing it yourself and letting us know how it goes =) In general, OA2 is not anything special compared to normal Drupal with the Organic Groups module from a performance point.

Hope that helps!

How to speed up OA2

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I am running a very small site with a very small number of users so far (less than 10) on a dedicated 4 kernel server, but OA is slow (about 4-6 second if I change to another space )
I installed redis and entitycache without a huge perfomance gain.
APC: 99.7 % hitrate
redis: 82.5 % hitrate
Any recommendations what I should test now?


For me also, loads, very

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For me also, loads, very slows, and its not even online yet

This is really...

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...a big problem when it comes to user compliance. we should collect information at one place - maybe oa documentation?

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