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Open Atrium For Member Organizations

Learn how you can engage, rather than just broadcast; collaborate, not just communicate; and build up true leaders and advocates for your organization. This webinar will include a demo of Open Atrium's uses for member organizations, as well as some best practices for creating an online collaboration solution for members and alumni.

Join us Friday, April 25th at 12PM EST, to learn how to harness open source collaboration with Open Atrium for your membership organization. Register here:

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Mail notification for new user doesn't work?

I created a new user and checked the Notify User checkbox but so far, no mail appears to have been sent. I manually ran Cron but still, no luck.

Has anyone else run into a similar problem?


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Migration from Open Atrium 1 to Open Atrium 2

Hello everyone, I'm working in a University running Open Atrium 1 as the intranet platform for the college, we are planning to migrate from Open Atrium 1 to Open Atrium 2. our main concern is that is it possible to migrate the users, posts (with linked contents) and ideally pages (notebooks) ? what are the possible methods to achieve that, we are willing to try any method or whether there is a plug-in to achieve this task.

Thank you in advance for your support.

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Populating OA Group from Active Directory

I'm trying to populate an OA Group from Active Directory, but haven't been able get it to work yet - I'd like the members of the OA group to feed through directly from a group in AD. I can create a new group in OA, but no matter what I put in the LDAP members field (e.g. the name of one of our AD groups, an individual AD username or full LDAP paths) I get a message saying 'LDAP entry does not exist'.

The site is successfully authenticating against AD and we have installed and enabled the Open Atrium LDAP module.

Any thoughts on what I'm doing wrong?

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PHP5 Strict Warning on Display of News Section

I have recently installed OA 7.x-2.15 under OpenSuse 13.1 running under Apache 2.4.6 with PHP 5.4.20 and MariaDB 5.5.33. When I setup my first news section on the front page as a test during my attempt to learn how to use OA and then jump to that URL, I get the following warning twice at the top of my screen:

Strict warning: Only variables should be passed by reference in ctools_entity_from_field_context() (line 179 of /srv/www/htdocs/oa/profiles/openatrium/modules/contrib/ctools/plugins/relationships/

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Free Open Atrium Training At NYCCamp 2014!

If you are in the NYC Metro area, check out the Free Open Atrium training at NYCCamp 2014 on Thursday, April 10th, 9:00am-5:00PM EST.

If you are interested in the following:

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Creating books in OA2

Is there a way to turn on the book module and have the links display at the bottom of each page? I installed Book Made Simple and selected Document page in the News sections to be available for books but I'm not seeing the back/forward links at the bottom. I'm assuming it's because the page is panellized but all of this is fairly new to me so not sure which direction to start searching.

Chikara Mike

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Does anyone know how to implement the daily and weekly digest funcionality?

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Update to 7.x-2.15 on Pantheon

I am trying to update to 7.x-2.15 from 7.x-2.13 on Pantheon by using git push from my local installation. The problem is that I seems to overwrite the core and can not access my database.
Any suggestions on how to resolve this?
Best Regards,

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10 Tricks and Tips For Getting The Most Out Of Open Atrium

So you’ve heard a bit about Open Atrium, you’ve downloaded the open source code, and you want to start using Open Atrium to collaborate...but now what?!? Knowing a few tricks and tips can save you time and help you get more out of this incredibly flexible collaboration tool.

In this month’s Open Atrium webinar, we’ll show you the best tricks and tips for using Open Atrium. Plus, we’ll answer questions like:

  1. What should I set up first?
  2. What’s the difference between a space and a group?
  3. How do I make my Open Atrium site look like my organization?
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Matrix Organization in OA?

I am working on a site that needs to be organized as a matrix. Most articles need to be accessible under several search criteria. Most articles will fall under multiple groups/tags/etc:


Each of these broad categories will have 10-12 sub-categories, so that a given article may be relevant to:

Material #2
Equipment #7
Process #9

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Many features overriden out of the box

I cross posted this in the OA issue queue already but no response yet. I've got a number of similar questions and will be sure to post here first in the future.

I'm attempting to grasp the OA/Panopoly architecture so that I can be aware of overriding code and using Features Override to manage it, but it's turning into a quagmire because so much is already overridden out of the box for unknown reasons.

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Why no discussion area?


There doesn't seem to be an OA discussion area on This group doesn't appear to have much help available either. For general discussion and support requests I'm loathe to clog up the D.O issue queue, so I'm hoping Phase2 will start a discussion section on



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Real examples of sites using OA2

I would like to see real examples of sites using OA2 besides if anybody knows about any examples please share it.

Thanks in advance

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OA Survey

Hello, I would like to included a flexible survey type of content in our spaces, maybe webform. Can anyone comment on creating OA aware content types? What needs accounted for in addition to an OG content type? Anyone use og_webform? What alternatives to webform are there?

Thank you, just trying to start of in the best direction.

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Can't change Test Content to normal content?

I think the Sandbox feature is brilliant. I'm using it now, but there is some content that I've decided works just fine, so when I edited the content, I de-selected the Test Content checkbox and saved.

But when I edit the content again, I see that the checkbox is checked again. I presume that, upon turning off Sandbox Mode, that particular content will be deleted, even though I de-selected the checkbox, yes?

Is there no way to turn test content into real content?


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Spaces with Members from Groups Become Children?

I created a Private, top-level Space (no parents) and I created a Group. I assigned the group to the space so that members of the Group would have access to the Space. When I view the Space via the Edit button, I see that the Space is now a Child of the Group?

What's happening here and how does this affect permissions that I've set?

Does anyone know how I need to set up both the Group and the Space so that Space permissions override group permissions?


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The Bucket Brigade is Hosting Open Atrium 2 Demo!

On February 27th at 9:00am the Bucket Brigade invites you to take a tour with us through the new Open Atrium 2 platform.

There have been significant changes and improvements (hat tip to Phase 2!) to Open Atrium's features and functionality which allows greater control of content beyond simple open and closed groups. With a new streamlined look and functionality, we think you'll see great potential in this new version

Register here:

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Create a departments section that only allows department sub sections

I am trying to create an intranet - it will all be one space, with various sections. I want to have a departments landing page (a section) that will have individual department pages (sections) under it.

I would ideally like to have the "+" (plus) button on the menu (on the departments landing page) to only allow a "Add Department" option to make it really intuitive for the editor.

Is this possible? I have been able to modify the section taxonomy to control the allowed children of sections, but can't get this to work as described above.


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Is there a way to hide the Members button and lock icon on public pages?

For public spaces, the Members button displays alongside the unlocked lock icon. Is there some way to hide these for anonymous users?

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