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This group is to relate experiences with Open Atrium and share ideas about this install profile along with understanding and leveraging Spaces, Features, and Contexts for making it work better for you.

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Delete node/content/file always causes errors/notifications

Does anyone else experience a problem whenever they delete anything in Open Atrium?

If I delete a section or a space, or if I go to content and delete a content item that I added. Or if I delete a file, or document. Basically if I ever delete anything, I always get a pink error box at the top of the page reporting an error. The error list is huge. I can clear the notification and refresh the page and it will go away. Sometimes I have to navigate to another page and comeback. The content/item is always deleted but the error is off-putting.

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OA Groups & Roles Problem


I have created 2 OA groups. "Contributers" is a group intended to give a user the ability to create content on a space and add sections etc to a space. "Readers" is a group intended that a user can view the space and it's contents but cannot add content and cannot comment etc.

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Missing add to favorites menu/button

For some reason only the administrator account has the *add to favorites menu option on the spaces menu next to the logo in the top left corner. And it's not the role. If I make another user an administrator role, they don't get the option either. So only the original admin account can navigate to a space and then select *add to favorites. All other accounts only get the Recent Spaces side of the menu.

Any idea why this is happening?

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Set visibility rule on mini-panel/oa_admin_panel for group doesn't work.


I don't want space members who just have read access to a space (i.e. they are not an administrator or contributor) to be able to see who is a member of the space. To do this I need to set the visibility on the members page (admin/structure/pages//node/%node/members) and the member toolbar on the admin toolbar (admin/structure/mini-panels/oa_admin_minipanel).

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Binding OA to external apps

Hi. Bonjour.

I'm developping an OA Intranet for a french city hall administration. My question is : is there a way, maybe via plugins, to bind Drupal content to specific external apps , e.g human resources, accounting...
The main purpose is to avoid entering one information two times within two diferent interfaces.

Thank's for help and informations

existe-t il des connecteurs pour lier un intranet OA avec un(des) logiciel(s) métier ?
Merci de votre aide !

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Open Atrium - set up for user to login to space?

Hello, I am trying to figure out how to set it so when a user logs in they are taken to their space's home page?
Is this at all possible? I am not seeing anything in the documentation thus far.

Many thanks!

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Login with e-mail not User Name for Open Atrium?

Is there a way to use the E-mail vs. the "user name" for login credentials?

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Main page content block disabled

Good morning,

I am setting an internal wiki for my company and have very few programmatic skills and knowledge.

I accidently disabled the Main Page Content Block and now my website is not displaying any content or information. I cannot even access the configurations to restore the block to the "content" space.

As you can see on the attachment file, I cannot even access the block management content. This is problematic ...

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Import feeds into Open Atrium

Hey guys,
Is it possible to use the feeds module to create nodes/sections?
Has anyone added content with this and is there any pitfalls?


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problem with user photo

Hello OA community,

I started with OA at the beginning of April and it is the first time I am trying to set up a site or an intranet. So far I discovered many features and the development was going surprisingly smooth until yesterday. I wanted to add pictures and a user description field to the users. After many hours of trying by myself, with OA documentation, Drupal documentation and various hints on the internet, I am no closer to solve my problem.

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User Profile

In the site I am endeavoring to build, the User "Member", IS the most basic content entity. I am trying to build an specific industry hierarchal structure that displays the members' resume and other professional data as well as providing social networking environments for them to interact on common industry issues.

I suppose the substructure is similar to a Job Site where Job Seekers display their experience, skills and product output, and Possible Employers are also job seekers where everyone can discuss their common interests via postings (Comments, Blogs, Discussion, Calendaring of industry events etc.)

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Permission for Open Atrium Folder

Hello Open Atrium community - I am building a company intranet on Open Atrium, hosted on Pantheon and have a question about Folder permissions. I currently am using Open Atrium Folders and want to set the section visibility of a folder to a certain team. How can I go about doing this? I can set the visibility for certain sections, but only want a certain folder to be visible to a team. Thanks!

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How to send notifications only for OA team members?

I have a rule to send an html mail when new content is created, but is not respecting the user permission to access content.

Is an Open Atrium site that works with OG. I have a space with 7 teams and only team members can view team contents (7 sections asociated to 7 teams). All users have the same role (filter by role is not a solution for me).

The content type in question have two entity reference fields: group audience and section (one per team).

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Terms and Condition by space or role


I have an OA site with my first space working as a "course" with sections for homework, calendar, resources and team sections for team work. The idea is make this space blueprint for create more courses like this and other 2 types of "courses" (space blueprint). I need to do "legal terms" for users but different for each space (course) or can be by role too and I can create role by type (blueprint) of space.
Also I need a list of users who accepted the terms.

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LMS structure

I am implementing basic functionality:

teacher creates an assignment for a particular class
student views the assignment and submits classwork
teacher views the classwork, makes corrections, and marks

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Views filter Discusson (comments) by new comments

Hi, Pulling what's left of hair out...

So creating a view to show just "new" comments in discussion content type.

For interest this is to display "menu badge" icon on a "forum" section that I have created.

I can see that OA has "new" status possibly using the 'flags' module...but can not seem to leverage this a relationship or filter .

Looking for pointers ...tried using PHP filter in view luck so far...
return comment_num_new($data->nid) == 0;

help much appreciated thanks in advance.


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Improve Tagging experiance between spaces

I am new to open Atrium and developing an open atrium website. I want to give a better tagging experience for users by giving an option to select the related content/spaces while creating. Also want to display the related content in alphabetical order with count. Please suggest

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Drupal core version

How can I see what version of drupal core is included in an OA distribution?
Is there a way to update the drupal core to a later version after updating to the latest OA update?

Thank you.

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context menu


I have a large set of content fairly well organized into a menu structure with tagging. A user will typically find a page by search, taxonomy term list, or through the menu at the space level.

When someone views a page I want to display its context in the menu tree. I have added the OG menu tree via panels but it has a fixed starting point(Fixed parent item). Always the same tree is displayed even if the page has no menu item.

What I seek is something like starting point -1: display the page's parent , siblings, and children's menu items.

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Integrating Content and Learning Management Systems

Hi there,

I have heard that there are already Use Cases given for using Atrium as an LMS (Learning Management System). If so, can anyone tell me what the status of these are?

At present Atrium appears to me to be a well developed collaboration and content management system with many of the features and functionalities already installed for what I was hoping for from an LMS, but, does not appear to have the capability, yet, to perform the more specialist LMS functions, let alone a few special additional functional developments that I have in mind.

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