widget selector for enduser // switch widget while adding / editing entity

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sometimes one widget for entering data is good for this and another would be great for something else.

i would love to see a module that would make it possible to offer the end-user multiple widgets while adding / editing an entity. So he could switch / select the widget that fits best for his actual needs

my personal needs are for taxonomy and entity references... but i think it would make sense for many other fieldtypes too...


In Drupal 8 so-called "form

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In Drupal 8 so-called "form modes" are introduced, they work similar to view modes, but for the entity forms (and not the displays).

Using form-modes, different data entry forms for entities can be configured and prepared.

If you need such kind of functionality, you maybe should start looking into this.

PS:Here you will find more information: http://realize.be/drupal-8-field-api-series-part-4-entity-form-displays-...

sorry for the delayed

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sorry for the delayed answer.
this seems a great way to achieve my feature. don't think it will be possible to port this to drupal 7 though.
but thanks a lot! I will have a look into this!

You can take a look on that

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You can take a look on that sandbox: https://drupal.org/sandbox/Artusamak/1796634