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Drupal 6 designer-editor | global underwater explorers

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We are looking for a quote from someone with Drupal 6 experience. We need a few updates to www.projectbaseline.org - We are a non-profit based out of High Springs. We hope to have this workl completed over the next 2 weeks if possible.

· Fix the Search window on the PB website. It appears to only search website pages, but excludes blog posts.

· Create custom categories to organize blog posts and archive posts by date (MM/YY)

· Activate widgets (or however Drupal manages this) allowing viewers to search all blog post by category and/or by date

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widget selector for enduser // switch widget while adding / editing entity

sometimes one widget for entering data is good for this and another would be great for something else.

i would love to see a module that would make it possible to offer the end-user multiple widgets while adding / editing an entity. So he could switch / select the widget that fits best for his actual needs

my personal needs are for taxonomy and entity references... but i think it would make sense for many other fieldtypes too...

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Node Reference selection widget

I have just published a new module which might be of interest to some of you:


From the project page:

Provides a widget for Node Reference which displays the node teasers instead of a select box, and allows choosing the referenced nodes
from a Modal panel. The list is optionally sortable, depending on JQuery UI Sortables. The modal supports pagination, exposed filters
and exposed sorting, all using AJAX.

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5 Second Game Widget Mock-Up

Only local images are allowed.

Here is a rough mock-up for a widget for the upcoming 5 Second Game Drupal module that Morbus Iff and I are developing.

It doesn't do anything yet, but check back soon...

Basically, this mock-up is for one of several planned widgets that are meant to be embedded in blogs and other posts. As a user of the game, you would post a widget featuring your character (at the bottom), and other people viewing the widget could fight your character, using an anonymous character, or logging in and using their own.

Read on for more details!

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Views as Web Widget

Moved to official ideas list at http://drupal.org/node/237626
GSOC 2008 Wiki site: http://groups.drupal.org/node/10984

Provide an Embeddable Widget option for Views aside from Page and Block. This will enable the view to be embedded to any website as Javascript, IFrame/FBML (Facebook support and similar), Google Gadget, or even Flash.

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sun's vision for handling embedded/inline content and Wysiwyg in Drupal



As some of you know, I've recently taken over maintenance of Inline and Image Assist, and initiated the Wysiwyg project. That was not only caused by personal interest, but also to take the necessary steps to realize the long awaited Inline API. You might ask yourself, what those three modules have in common or to do with each other at all: They deal with user input, allow to embed complex contents into a content, and provide an interactive GUI for that. If you already had the chance to work with them, you already know that there is a rather hidden, non-obvious hard-dependency between them.

Although I'd really like to discuss both topics (Inline and Wysiwyg support) separately, the gained experience on these topics enforces us to discuss them concurrently. The following mockup hopefully explains why: (see attachment to view in full size)

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WidgetBox for Droplets

I just found the WidgetBox service. Similar to Google gadgets, it is a service for people to create JavaScript widgets that can be distributed across other sites.

Widgetbox widgets can be used as MySite Droplets, just enter the code and select the 'Full HTML' input format.

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