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Hello folks,
Currently we have a static website hosted by .We are planning to redesign the website in drupal.I would like to know from the community about your experiences hosting drupal website with

Thanks in advance


Net4 has no specialised setup

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Net4 has no specialised setup for hosting Drupal sites, other than the "Drupal Landing page" that most hosts end up with. (And you can not expect any special Drupal hosting on any of those shared hosts either)

And like most Indian webhosts, net4 is bad and their support team hardly knows what they are doing, at least when I last interacted with them a couple of months back.

I would recommend that you go ahead with one of the hosts mentioned on My personal recommendation is Bluehost, if you need a shared hosting for a small Drupal site.

If you have a pretty huge site and if you are looking at web-hosting platforms built specifically for Drupal you should be looking at Acquia, Get Pantheon, or Omega8. All of them offer free developer accounts and you could try all of them before buying one.

Tanay Sai

Thanks a lot for your

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Thanks a lot for your information.

Currently we ar tied up to till february next year.Definitely will migrate to one of your recommendations after february.

Till then can I make the new website work TEMPORARILY on
Though they dont have any specialised hosting for drupal.Can I do it myself with some effort.
Feedback has been around that drupal websites hosted there are very slow as their database is very slow.

To put it simple can I host drupal website temporarily or is it better to wait till we migrate to other host after february next year.Thanks.

Totally agree with

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Totally agree with Tanay...

Shared hosting in India are worst for hosting Drupal websites. They don't even provide SSH with any shared hosting plan..


I too agree with Tanay,

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I too agree with Tanay, Indian servers are not capable to host drupal site, they are for mass consumption purpose like static websites, not for websites which are build on drupal.

Recommend you linode VPS

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I would recommend you to go ahead with Linode,if you have either a small site or a big site.I used linode for many client sites.Their service team is very supportive and they provide you the help from time to time regarding the sever.

Please check

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Hi Folks,
Please check the hosting and VPS plans here at . its good and reliable hosting. Company also own and operates its DataCenter - Http://

(Yaa, I am from same company, but a Drupal developer - not from marketing team )

Best Support

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I have also faced hosting problem with net4 for worst support. then I went with miditech which is my friend recommendation and I am fully satisfied with their services so I would recommend for best support.


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