Webinar: How the Drupal Association Can Help Community Leaders

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2013-08-06 08:00 - 09:00 America/Los_Angeles
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Online meeting (eg. IRC meeting)

Calling all community leaders!

This August 6th, learn how the Drupal Association supports the Drupal Community and how to build thriving Drupal community with the help of Drupal Association programs at this Webinar.

Speakers include:
-Mike Anello, VP of DrupalEasy and community leader from Florida, USA
-Nick Vidal, organizer of DrupalCamp Brazil 2011 and South American community leader
-Keri Poeppe and Drew Gorton, organizers of Midwest Drupal Camp from Minnesota, USA

Sign up here and learn how to take advantage of Drupal Association programs too.


Interestingly, this is

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Interestingly, this is scheduled at the same time as one of our meetups here in Los Angeles. Would you recommend that we tune in from our meetup?

Sorry, spoke too soon. This

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Sorry, spoke too soon. This is in the morning of August 6th. I'll be glad to tune in and relay the content of the webinar to our group at the meetup.

I am on the gotomeeting,

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I am on the gotomeeting, waiting...

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The event has already concluded, but they said there will be a recording posted.

Time zone conversion troubles

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Hi Shyamala -

I am so terribly sorry for the confusion. The calendar we used to convert the time zones was off by an hour when we converted to GMT. If it's any consolation, we recorded the session and will make sure you get a copy of that recording via email shortly.


the webinar recording is coming soon...

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HI all,

Unfortunately, the webinar system did not convert to summer hours I'm afraid, so the timing was off by one hour. We greatly apologize for this and we are sending out the recording. If you have specific questions, feel free to email them to me and I can answer them for you. megan at association dot drupal dot org

Megan Sanicki

Executive Director, Drupal Association

Thanks Megan for organizing,

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Thanks Megan for organizing, publicizing, and actively keeping us in the loop. Sorry to have missed it live, looking forward to the recorded session.

No user guides to see

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If you talking about conversion times yet, maybe I have wait there was no problem thanks anymore and see you later.


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It was an honor to be part of the webinar! Thanks for inviting me to speak!

My perspective was a bit different from the others because I spoke as a grantee, not as a grantor, so I tried to share my personal experiences.

The key idea to receive a Scholarship is to:

  • Provide clear objectives. Show your trajectory (as an individual and as a community): what's your background, why is it important for you to attend a DrupalCon, and what will be the outcomes from this opportunity?

  • Explain why you need financial assistance. Are you travelling from across the globe? Do you work as a freelancer and wouldn't be able to afford all expenses?

For more information about Scholarships, please see this nice page the Drupal Association has setup:


The webinar recording is now available

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Hi Everyone,

Thanks for the great dialogue about today's webinar. We are excited to see everyone sharing ideas here and we received helpful ideas for future webinars. So, please keep the ideas and knowledge sharing going!

You can find the recording to today's webinar here: https://attendee.gotowebinar.com/recording/3596059783476037888

We will post this in a few places and have a dedicated webinar page on Association.Drupal.org so you can find the series easier.

Thanks again,

Megan Sanicki

Executive Director, Drupal Association

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