Open Atrium 2.x Beta Features Q&A Webinar

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2013-08-09 11:00 - 12:00 America/New_York
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User group meeting

Following the Beta release of Open Atrium 2.x, we'd like to invite you to our Features Q&A Webinar with tech lead, Mike Potter (mpotter). We'll guide you through some of our favorite features, with interactive discussion throughout the course of the webinar.

For those of you with questions about Open Atrium 2.x Beta or who want to learn whether or not its a good fit for your organization, be sure to join us on the 9th!

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LED Down lights

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Design changes easy, short delivery time (Made Simple) long life light-emitting components (process complexity)
Ceiling Light
Simple matrix drive + OLEDLTPSTFT + OLED

Section III, organic light-emitting material selection
Organic material properties of the optical characteristics deeply affected component performance. The choice of the anode material, the material itself must be of high work function LED Lighting china (Highworkfunction) and can be translucent, so 4.5eV-5.3eV with a high work function, stable and transparent ITO transparent conductive film, it is widely applied to the anode. In the cathode portion, a light emitting element in order to increase the efficiency of electron and hole injection usually requires a low work function (Lowworkfunction) of Ag, Al, Ca, In, Li and Mg, metal, or low work function metal to produce a composite cathode (eg: Mg-Ag magnesium-silver).
LED Down lights
Suitable for electron transfer is not necessarily suitable organic material passing hole, so the organic light-emitting diode electron transport layer and hole transport layer must use different organic materials. Currently the most commonly used to produce the electron transport layer material must film stability, high thermal stability and good electron transport property, generally fluorescent dye compound is usually used. Such as Alq, Znq, Gaq, Bebq, Balq, DPVBi, ZnSPB, PBD, OXD, BBOT so on. The hole transport layer fluorescent material is an aromatic amine compounds, such as TPD, TDATA and other organic materials.