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a Guide on how to use the Functions of a Group type node.


  1. = Documentation of the G.D.O. module/distribution.
  2. = Guidelines of writing texts in Drupal.

Compare the following∶

The 1st thing you see once you finished creating your group will be the green names on top in tabs, just below the big H1 size text is the Title: (the name of your group that you just created).

    the TABs available in your Group∶

  • Home tab∶ is the first page that the people see, when people enter your group's address = name of the created Group.
     It is also has Captcha code activated even if your just going to Preview the edits.
  • Tabs∶ This is where the new pages that are placed, when you "Create a Page".
  • Edit (HOME) tab∶ Edits the contents of the group's Home page ONLY!.
  • Taxonomy tab∶ No Idea ...
  • Broadcast tab∶ Sends E-Mail messages to ALL the Joined members/users inside the Group.
  • Pages tab∶ Shows the [Lists] of Pages you created; and management options for each Page. The Next sub-tab beside the [List] is [Add new page] that creates a Page
  • Lists of Functions in Pages Tab module∶

    1. cross Icon∶ Once clicked and Dragged, you can re-order the Pages; using the Table-handle 'Drag and Drop' function of each block.
    2. Home page Radio button∶ Assigns the Default Page; the 1st page they see when they go to your group's address = name of the created Group.
    3. Title∶ Clicking on the Title name of the page, shows you the contents of that page. Similar to selecting the green Tab Link on top.
        Operations 。。。
      1. Edit Content∶ Edits the contents of that page. This the only way to edit your page.
        Clicking the green Edit Tab button on top while your viewing the page you want to edit. WILL NOT WORK!
      2. Change Layout∶ Alters the Panel placings of Columns and Rows.
      3. Edit Page∶ Renames the Page title: * and Path: address. Also [?Show blocks?]
        [ ] Published check box∶Shows/Hides the page from the Members.
      4. Delete Page∶ Will show a confirmation button for Final action in the deletion of the page.


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