D8 and MongoDB

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Is here now clearly thats D8 will work with standalone MongoDB? And if yes is here a guide (like a tutorial) to install it around?


We are not there yet, but the

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We are not there yet, but the goal is that. On https://drupal.org/node/646198/git-instructions/8.x-1.x (MongoDB Install Profile) you can find the work that has been completed so far, and the README.TXT contains the steps to install.



Module, not Install Profile

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Why do you say it's an Install Profile? That's just the MongoDB module suite.

Install profiles are available to Drupal's installer script (install.php).

Just noting this so that anyone coming across this isn't confused.

I find nice movie d8

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I find nice movie d8 (unstable) + mongodb http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YZJJ491rFng

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