Gathering contact data when a new Drupal user record is created.

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One thing that is quite easy with CiviCRM is enabling a CiviCRM "profile" (group of custom and standard fields) for use with new Drupal user account creation. Is there a way to do this with RedHen that does not require that we write custom code?

We are interested in migrating from CiviCRM and that is one of our requirements.

Thanks in advance.


Creating user account then contact record

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I have a question on this as well. I see in the documentation that you can match up a contact record with a user account. But we will want to create a user account and ask for some basic information, then save all that in a contact record.

Could this be done with rules or something like that (when user account is created, create contact). All our data will eventually end up in Salesforce as the master CRM, so it would not be the case that the organization is using this as a CRM to manually enter contacts.

Rules should work....

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Hi folks,

Yes, you should be able to create a Rule that handles this. Or, as majortom has pointed out, it's easy to do with just a little bit of glue code. (Though we completely understand if people don't want to have to write that code.)

The reason that we haven't focused on a simpler solution is that there are many different ways that you might want to push Drupal user account data into RedHen contact records - especially if you have fields on both user accounts and your RedHen bundle(s). The abstraction isn't 100% clear and the Rules-based approach is quick.

Always open to suggestions.