Is QUAIL daily automated testing far enough along for folks to start logging issues against errors and proposing patches?

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To Kevin Miller, I'm so impressed with his work (and Dan Mouyard and Nick Schonning) getting the 2.0.3 tag on the QUAIL library cut.

QUAIL testing library 2.0.3 tag

Is this now the branch running on the Drupal 8 daily testing site?

Do you think that the testing has reached a level of fidelity that folks can start coming through the results, logging issues and proposing patches against them? I tend to think the answer to this question is yet, but I'd like to hear your thoughts before we give everyone a green light.

To everyone looking for simple issues to get involved with Drupal, many of these failing tests involve small changes to CSS files and template files. They're great starter issues if you'd like practice rolling patches. I highly recommend getting involved and you'll be helping make Drupal more accessible for everyone!

Our goal is an accessibility green board for WCAG 1.0, WCAG 2.0, and Section 508 guidelines.


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