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I am a Web accessibility professional, with a background in usability, as well. Away from the job, you'll find me hiking in off-leash areas with my two rescue dogs, tagging along with my wife, the archaeologist, to historic and prehistoric sites throughout the Americas, and working with my neighbors to ensure that the greenbelts along our creeks are restored to a more nearly natural condition. I'm interested in developing a wizard that everyone, not just Drupal developers, can use to implement accessibility in websites and applications. I happen to think we can do it best in Drupal.


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Texas Department of Assistive and Rehabilitative Services (DARS)
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DARS exists to ensure that people with disabilities are able to get the resources they need to live fulfilling lives. I hope to some day help them build a website in Drupal that supports those goals—in part because I truly believe that since Drupal 7, no other tool for building websites has been more accessible to people with disabilities. I dabble in maintaining Web content outside of my day job. I'm hoping to be able to explore that still more as time goes on.


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