DrupalCamp Michgan 2013

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Let's get together for DrupalCamp Michigan 2013!

Space 2435 in the North Quad on the University of Michigan Campus has been reserved for October 12th, 2013 from 8 AM to 5PM (thanks to Dave Brenner).


North Quadrangle Residential and Academic Complex
Room 2435
105 South State Street
Ann Arbor, MI 48104

October 12th, 2013
8 AM to 5 PM (plus 1 hour set up, and 1 hour clean up)


Agenda? Costs?

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We would love to find out more information and details.


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We're working on getting the website up and running. Once that is up, we'll be looking for session proposals.

Commercial Progression has stepped forward us a sponsor (thanks Alex).

I'll be sure to post new information back here as it becomes available.

Details please!

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Yeah, I'd like to hear more about this too...I think I may still have control over drupalmichigan.org but would love to hand over the keys to that so you can promote this.

Would also be interested in hearing who's confirmed attending (sponsors, etc)

Previous Theme

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Hey Rob, thanks for chiming in, we were trying to track down who had the keys. Steve set us up with a development environment to start building the new site. We'd love to hear what you have (the theme from 2011 was really cool). Please get in touch with us, thanks!

Web stuff

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OK, it looks like Steve actually controls Drupalcampmi.org so you should ask him about that...
I'm also not sure what happened to the site we built...I thought I still had it but can't seem to find it. Might not be a a bad idea to rebuild in D7 anyway? (we built in 6)

I'll look around, though, if you want that install...I probably have it archived somewhere.

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Everyone is invited to please come to the August Ann Arbor Drupal group meeting to help with brainstorming and planning for DrupalCamp MI 2013. The group meeting is on August 26th from 7-9pm at Ann Arbor Spark Central.

DrupalCamp MI Website Now Up

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http://2013.drupalcampmi.org/ - thanks to Wayne Eaker from Zengenuity for putting together the site and thanks to Steve Colson from Switchback for hosting the website site!