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Hi, sorry if this is a not right place, but I need urgent help with group page modifications.

The problem: I need to add a panel to a group page. Group page means each page showing the content (postings) of a group (with url like: ). All I found is place where I can modify panels and content for Groups Directory (i.e. page with url like: and I cannot locate place where I can edit panels on single group page.

Please help? Or redirect me to the appropriate place.



Take a look at the node_view

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Take a look at the node_view Page Manager page (node/%node). When you're looking at a group, it's really a node. When you're looking at group content, that's a node too. You can break up the "node/%node" path into various page manager "variants" depending on the "Selection rules".

Thanks for quick reply. I did

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Thanks for quick reply. I did browse it, saw all contexts but I didn't find a place where I can modify look of a node in particular context (similar to /admin/structure/pages/page-groups_directory). Anyway, I found a way through AJAX interface.
Once again, thank you for your time and answer.


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