Working demonstrations of the Accessibility module

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The start of the fall semester has meant little time for work on the Accessibility module lately, but we now have a live demonstration of the module (this is the 7.x-1.x-console branch with the new feedback interface). I'm very interested to see how we can improve the accessibility of the feedback mechanism itself, and will start testing appropriate ARIA roles with screen readers soon.

Note that for WYSIWYG editors, we do not use a console that gets injected on the bottom of the screen. In user testing, it tended to overlap with the editor, or cause other problems which degraded the editing experience. Instead we opted to use the editor's native modal box (or in the case of TinyMCE windows) API, which at least in CKEditor4 is pretty good accessibility-wise.


I'm sharing this around with

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I'm sharing this around with some folks who will be interested. Amazing!

Wow, that is a great demo,

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Wow, that is a great demo, exactly the sort of thing we are looking for here.


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This accessibility functionality looks really great. I like the accessibility checking feedback within CKEditor!


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