Question about a Large Scale Drupal Mailing List or Group

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I apologize if this is not an appropriate forum for this, please let me know if this is the case.

Is there a decent Large Scale Drupal mailing list or group? This group seems close, but it's got (Projects and Plans) in the title which suggests to me that it's more about event planning.

I'm less interested in events, and more interested in simply hearing what other people think who feel they have large drupal installations that require all the types of solutions that those big types of sites require. Most of all what they did to get them to work :)

I currently maintain what I feel is a large drupal instance that get's 100% authenticated traffic, and am always looking for solutions to those types of problems. On the flip side, I've come up with many novel solutions to my own problems that do not strike me as being terribly common in the broader community but might be of some value to people facing the same problems I've faced. I would be more than willing to share my experiences with others (for whatever they're worth :) ).


Contact Acquia

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LSD is an Acquia program. You can learn more at LSD is consists of large enterprise users of Drupal. The group funds development of Drupal features. The planning and development of those features occur in the open, hence this group exists.

If you're an existing Acquia customer, contact your account manager / sales rep. If you're not an existing customer and feel that you qualify either contact Acquia directly or I can introduce you to the right people - contact me via my d.o contact form.