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The calendar on my Julio site displays a "1 of 4 ... next" footer, and clicking "next" takes my users to calendar?page=1 calendar?page=2, etc. Each of the 4 pages displays a calendar for the same month and year, but events the users create only show up on the last page. The first 3 are empty.

I notice that this does not happen when I create an event on the julio demo site. In that case, the calender has no such footer, and events I create are displayed.

Has anyone else seen this behavior? Or have any clues about what I might have done to cause this?

I'm not aware that I have made any config changes to the julio calender, but I can't swear by this..





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Responding to my own post in case somebody else has to deal with this frustrating behavior.

The problem (as described above), was that the calendar showed multiple pages for each month.

It turns out that the Calendar itself is a View and someone or something had changed the pager for this view to "Paged Output: Mini Pager".

To fix this, log in as admin, go to the Calendar block and choose "Edit view".

Look for PAGER and make sure the "Use pager" field is set to "Page by date".




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