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This is a list of accessibility wiki's for Drupal

List of Drupal websites with certified accessibility (WCAG)

This wikipage aims to provide a list of Drupal websites with a certified accessiblity statement.

European Union

Accreditation body list: EuraCert

Address Organisation level certificate background
None Drupal


Accreditation body list: National Informatics Centre

Address Organisation level certificate background
None Drupal

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Accessibility Guidelines for Drupal 7: WCAG 2.0 & ATAG 1.0

Would like to get some folks contributing to this checklist for Drupal Core. Would be nice if D7 was WCAG 2.0 compliant out of the box. We've certainly made some advances with D7, but we need to evaluate it!

Drupal Core Accessibility Guidelines

Because Drupal is a web content authoring tool it must also meet Authoring Tool Accessibility Guidelines.

Drupal Themeing Accessibility Guidelines

This is a great resource for Drupal Theming brought to you by the nice folks at WebAIM.

WCAG 2.0 Checklist

IMPORTANT: The following is NOT WCAG 2.0. It is, however, a simple checklist that presents the principles and techniques of WCAG 2.0 in a more user-friendly, understandable format. The language has been significantly changed and simplified from the official WCAG 2.0 specification to make it more easily tested and verified for web pages. While this checklist may be very handy in pursuing accessibility and WCAG conformance, please reference WCAG 2.0 documentation to verify actual conformance.

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Drupal Modules that Improve Accessibility

Drupal Modules that Improve Accessibility

A list of modules that you can use to enhance the accessibility of your Drupal site. If you know of other Drupal modules that enhance accessibility, please add them to this list. There's an overview also here

This information is current as of 4th July 2016.

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Creating Accessible Websites in Drupal: Documentation We Need

Drupal's documentation needs a page (or set of pages) that explains how you go from installing Drupal to having an accessible website. This is not intended to explain what accessibility is — we'll have another page that does that. The idea is to give developers the quickest, shortest route possible to an accessible site.

If folks want to make an accessible Drupal site, what is the route that they should choose, starting with Drupal 7.

So let's start throwing some information together in this wiki. Don't worry about polish — that can come later.

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