Viva Snowman!

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At Drupalcon Prague, Jeff Eaton and me presented our 'Install Profiles for Core: We Can Do It!' core conversation.



There's more to share soon, just wanted to let you all know that Snowman lives!

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This is great! Great job,

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This is great! Great job, guys! I have a multi-lingual bootstrapping profile using core for D8 slated to be built / scoped out Nov - Dec of this year. It is my vacation project. :) I'll be sure to post progress for your review.

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Yes, do keep us posted. I too have a hobby project kicking off soon, getting an art-club for young people online. Teachers, courses, workshops, galleries and the like.

I'm going to kick-about the

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I'm going to kick-about the concept of a band site, they have common features and would also show off a bit of Drupal's functionality.

Contact form

Also working on a solution for 'default content' that uses the rest api and some json files in the install profile.

Made some good progress on

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Made some good progress on the musician/artist idea. Have the content types, fields and vocabularies done. Found a few core issues (2110787, 2110779, 2110777) but then that's the whole point.

Creating content at the moment, then onto views/menu/ia kinda stuff and default content/rest importing stuff.

No doubt will find more as I progress

Default content with Migrate

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I wonder if Migrate would be an option for importing default content as it will be in Core?

I think Commerce Kickstart is using it as well.

And another core issue

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And another core issue 2111091


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