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I am running Drupal 5.1, and the latest CCK. The documentation for the latest CCK release states that the fieldgroups should be viewable in node output now, but it is still not working. I have to input a large amount of fields for many content types and need the fieldgroup feature to keep it manageable. I also need the fieldgroups to show up in the node. Does any one else have this problem, or any suggestions as to how to tackle this one?


Did you adjust the display

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Did you adjust the display settings of your fieldgroup? There's a relatively new tab in CCK module that allows you to change how fields and fieldgroups are displayed in the node output. Make sure you're not using contemplate or some other custom theming that might override how node is diplayed.

Thank you

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Thank you for your help. I did check the display tab(which I didn't before, so thank you), and I do not have the fieldgroups set to . I tried all the other options to no avail. I did not install contemplate because I just don't even want to think about theming each and every custom node just to get the fieldgroups to display. Also, I am using basic garland, nothing else, no other theming elements involved in the site.

I am running other CCK modules, though. Two, at least, do not appear to be working correctly since I upgraded to the latest cck(address and fullname). they do not have any other options other than available in the display tab, so they do not show at all. Could the other cck modules be the problem?

again, thank you for all your help.


Other modules

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Thank you again. I disabled all the older cck modules. I didn't even think about that. All is fine now. Actually, all is great now, this is big load off my shoulders! I think it may have been the address field module, which I disabled and uninstalled. It generated all the fields into one "grouping", this most probably messed up the display of cck fieldgroups.