Dries Day November 19th, more info at http://www.facebook.com/driesday

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There's Earth Day for the planet and now there's Dries Day for Drupal. To celebrate, we're asking everyone in the community to spend the day on Drupal community projects: plan a camp, do a training, work on modules, push code, write documentation, read about Drupal 8 or whatever you find interesting. This is not a bad price to pay for all the great stuff in Drupal. If you're an employer, we encourage you to give your employees a paid day to work on Drupal.

It's simple to participate:

Have your team participate on Dries Day
Tally the number of hours your team contributed
Use the signage for posting your hours
Send a photo and post on Facebook.com/driesday
Enjoy the good kharma and extra marketing exposure: tweet your participation using the hashtag #driesday

Dries is the founder of Drupal and November 19 is his birthday. We are declaring a new international holiday to celebrate the Drupal Project.

Do you make a living in the Drupal community? Take the Dries Day pledge

Spread the word and tell your friends to like #driesday on Facebook.

"Pitch in helping the community for a day" - this is the big request. It doesn't have to been actually on Nov 19, you can do it after work, or the weekend before, or after. It becomes a Super Sprint. Thousands of people all over the world doing something to improve the state of Drupal. I think it's a great birthday present to Dries from us.

Join us!



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Drupal is a great tool! And has a great community around it, but Dries Day... seriously?

What would be a better name

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What would be a better name for it?

It's not the name that is

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It's not the name that is strange, it's the concept. Drupal is about the community, not about Dries. Trying to get the community to dedicate a day of the year to Dries sends the wrong message. We appreciate what Dries started and the efforts he puts in. My life wouldn't be the same without Drupal. (I make a living with it and it's at the heart of almost every web application I contribute to.) Perhaps what we really should have is something like Drupal People Day, because it's all about all the people.

Anyway, does anyone else feel like this? Please, don't take this the wrong way, ok?


I agree 100%.

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I agree 100%.

I like that name! Drupal

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I like that name! Drupal People Day sounds nice, and it more accurately captures the idea.

Which is to get a worldwide super-sprint going. Just like at every camp or con, a day where people can give back to the project. I know many people already do and don't see the point of yet another request on their time, but there are hundreds of thousands of Drupallers out there who currently don't participate in anything bigger.

Dries is probably more embarrassed about the idea than anything else. What could we do to convey the idea that we're just using him as a silly mascot? I mean, have you seen the photos? :) We used to call the druplicon "Drupal Bob", maybe Drupal Bob Day?

Call it Drupal Day

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Because it is all about Drupal. Its why people join the community, and what people use to deliver great value when building websites and apps.

+1 for Drupal Day.

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+1 for Drupal Day.

Drupal Day is simple. KISS

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Drupal Day is simple. KISS

Drupal Day works for me - or

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Drupal Day works for me - or just calling it a Drupal holiday. It's like a Drupal thanksgiving, although all I can think of is the awful history of that holiday.

I honestly ignored this thread when I saw the title because I thought it was a day to celebrate/honor Dries. Not that he's not a great guy, but he didn't exactly deliver the I Have A Dream speech, haha.

Anyway I LOVE the idea - I think I can easily go to my manager and pitch this. Some days I spend 4 hours on a patch anyway, but at least this day I won't have to feel guilty about it, haha. :-)

Drupal People Day - I Vote No On That One

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Maybe get a name out of a Belgian translation of "Day of Drupal" which according to Google Translate in Dutch is Dag van Drupal. I'm sure we know a few people from Belgium that could verify that translation or improve upon it.

BTW. I was perfectly fine with Dries Day. Roll with it. Regardless of the outcome of the name, let's stick with the date and have the sprint holiday.

Prefer simply "Drupal Day" so

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Prefer simply "Drupal Day" so far. However, even if it is incorrect linguistically, I have to say I love "Dag van Drupal".
But then my own name starts with "van" so of course I am partial.

Drupal Dag?

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That could work too.

Let's call it Drupal Day in the US

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Let's call it Drupal Day in the US, they will call it Drupal Dag in Belgium and the Netherlands, Drupal Tag in Germany......

Sounds good.

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Sounds good.

Agreed, Drupal Day is what we

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Agreed, Drupal Day is what we were planning to call it anyway here in Los Angeles.

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We already bought signage

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Well, we already bought signage to bring up to BADCamp, so don't be mad if you see "Dries Day" up there :)

But it's cool if you call it Drupal Day too, and we'll make the change official for next year.

It really has nothing to do with Dries anyway, I just liked posting silly pictures of him everywhere :D

Drunk Drupal Day DDD

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Drunk Drupal Day

alright now you're just being

joshuautley's picture

alright now you're just being silly but I'll still +1 it. ( ;


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The Day formerly known as Dries

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and then we can vote on the symbol of The Day formerly known as Dries.

Vintage Matt

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You're soooo old, great vintage pop culture references....rofl. See you next week!

seriously disappointed

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You can't even get out of your own way to say thank you to a guy who had an idea and ran with it. Of course it's the community that makes Drupal great. That community had to start somewhere. I have built my wealth, both intellectually and financially because of this community. A community started by a spiked hair Belgian guy named Dries. I thank Drupal every morning when I open my laptop and every evening when I close it. everyday is Drupal Day.
So really, don't change the name, stop the noise about it ... just give the man a moment.

This is getting more and more

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This is getting more and more amusing. Just don't start shouting "Heil, Dries!" everywhere one day.

@jasonsavino, Dries Day, aka

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@jasonsavino, Dries Day, aka Drupal Day, aka Every Day, isn't a day to "say thank you to a guy who had an idea and ran with it", as you said it. Read the description at the top of this thread.

That only proves that the name is misleading, and not because I'm some sort of Dries hater.

Since it is a holiday...

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...and holidays are supposed to be fun, being exact on the naming as far as what the holiday IS isn't that important... in fact I think it makes the whole thing more fun... naming the Drupal Day something a little more fun, like Dries Day or like I said, some Belgium reference... Ultimately I don't care what it's called - it's the spirit and hopefully creates a lot of good (as in sprints)

Drupal's Birthday?

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It's probably too late for this year, but one other thought is to make it about Drupal's "birthday." That would keep the spirit of a birthday celebration and gift giving without focusing specifically on one person. The initial release was January 15, 2001, so it makes sense that January 15th would be Drupal's birthday.

-Joe Saylor

Joe Saylor
Membership and Marketing/Communications Manager
Drupal Association

At least we know what colour to paint the shed

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That would be blue.

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