Cornell DrupalCamp 2013

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2013-12-02 07:30 - 18:00 America/New_York
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Drupalcamp or Regional Summit

Please join us for Cornell's first DrupalCamp on the beautiful Ithaca campus! The camp will include a keynote speaker, a variety of sessions for all levels of Drupal users, poster sessions and many networking opportunities. Registration is now open!


Website coming soon!

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Please check back within the next few days for our camp site!


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How firm are you about that date? I realize this is being run through the university, but I feel like you may get better attendance (especially from non-Cornell individuals) if the camp was on a weekend, or at least a Friday. Just my two cents.

That said, I'd love to attend if I can get my supervisors' approval.

date concerns

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I also agree that a Saturday would be more convenient as I am busy coding for work on weekdays :)

Camp date confirmed

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Thanks for your feedback regarding the date of the camp. Some initial polling indicated pros and cons for both weekend and weekday events. This year, we have chosen a Monday to help with folk who will be traveling to get to the camp. Hope to see you there!

date concerns

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We weighed the pros and cons of Saturday vs weekday, and decided Monday gave out of town people a chance to travel here on the weekend and enjoy the Finger Lakes, and locals would attend due to the low cost and great sessions. We worked hard to get sponsors so we could keep the cost down. Hopefully attendance will be good, and next year we might try a Saturday or a two day event with a code sprint.

Thanks for the feedback,

Would be great if someone

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Would be great if someone could come to the Ithaca Drupal Meetup tomorrow to provide more details:

Drupal Trainer and Developer

Ithaca Drupal Meetup Tomorrow

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Thanks for the invite! We will see if someone can attend. If not, we will pass along some information to share.

Excellent Event

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Thanks to all the organizers for hosting an excellent event. I learned a lot from the sessions, had several great conversations, and ate some really good food. I'm looking forward to the 2nd annual Cornell Drupal Camp.

Thank you!

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Thanks so much for coming! It was an amazing turnout and we look forward to hosting another event next year. :)