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Howdy everyone,

I'm out of Kenosha WI and looking to get a Drupal meetup started and before I re-invent the wheel locally I'd like to feel out the Milwaukee situation.

I work for a marketing firm in Kenosha and a few months ago made the dedicated switch to Drupal. So for future meetups there would be at least myself, our other developer, and our content editor.

Our company is in an office building which has a large conference area, which I'd like to utilize if needed.

So, who else is out there?


The Milwaukee group has been

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The Milwaukee group has been reactivated for about 7 months and we get a pretty consistent 5-10 people every month. So, we're still trying to ramp back up after the year or so long hiatus.

Of course, a group in Kenosha would be awesome if you can find the folks for it! More groups is always a good thing. :-) However, you're also more than welcome at the Milwaukee meetup! We have one member who drives up from Chicago every month and another who came for the first time since we reactived from Green Bay.

I keep forgetting to post our meetups to g.d.o - I think this month's was the only one I did. :-/ I'll try not to forgot in the future.

In any case, I'm really interested to see how your Kenosha group pans out!

Take care,

Thanks for the update! Is

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Thanks for the update! Is there Drupal414 group on meet up.com this Drupal group?

I'd love to make it up to some sessions there while getting things rolling down here. Just left DC Atlanta and heard some inspiring stories from the Florida and Tennessee folks.

Yes, here is Drupal414 (the

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Yes, here is Drupal414 (the Milwaukee Drupal group) on meetup.com:


Awesome! The next meetup will be November 21st - I'm going to post it to Meetup.com and g.d.o some time this week. :-)

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