Has anyone used Drupal to replace a SharePoint site?

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24% (4 votes)
76% (13 votes)
Total votes: 17


that's an interesting case

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In what way? There are several core functionalities presented by MOSS, but what in particular is the case that you're exploring?

obvious ones are:
- really light document mgmt [drupal is REALLY weak here, more than sharepoint...]
- collaboration [open atrium or drupal+alfreso present many options]
- calendaring [drupal isn't exactly "strong", but it depends on your goals]

Also, I'm particularly interested in your analysis of Web Part development vs module development and maintenance, if your discovery has delved that deep.

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I used Drupal to replace our department website that turned into a company Intranet. Share point is really good at Office integration. If you don't need that then Drupal if fine for most operations. Share point does lots of things that maybe 1 user will ever use. We found that a book per department works best. Although we made several mistakes getting there. Overall I found manage likes the Drupal module better overall.

A couple of things to be weary of.

1) Content Access modules.
a) There are several out there and they don't always get along real well.
b) Not all modules respect them.
c) It seems to be really hard between having basic access rights and fine grain needs for a large site and they sometimes fail.

2) LDAP access.
a) Be careful of Role. We manage a large number of groups I wish I had looked a little closer and group controls in ldap.
b) Getting ride of password reset options seems like an unreachable goal.
c) Seems like you are adding roles into AD ever other week to get fine grain needs to need that management wants.

3) Never under estimate management ability to break your setup make sure you keep things as simple as possible to start so that over time when things get more complex over time you have some place to go.


I'm revisiting this.

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I work with SharePoint daily at my job, and Drupal almost daily when I get home. The part that I can't seem to get to work in Drupal like it does in SharePoint is the lists. I do A LOT of complicated dashboards and things like that in SharePoint in which I will have tons of hidden columns that contain excel-like formula's to manipulate the data, and then spit out the data we want to see in the handful of columns that are not hidden. To the end user the experience is beautiful.

How can I do something similar in Drupal without having to do custom coding. I'm currently just trying to make a site for a friend's baseball league and can't figure out how to get the standings to work...and that's as simple as wins, losses, ties, and points. I think this is the main sticking point for many companies to switch from SharePoint to Drupal. Collaboration is easy. Document management is a bit harder, but can be figured out. But what SharePoint makes easy with lists and formulas is what a lot of companies use.

In SharePoint I could just make columns for Wins, Losses, Ties, and then a calculated column for Points that just takes "Wins x 2 + Ties". And the Wins, Ties, and Losses could be pulled automatically a Game content type that just has the team names for home and away and a score column, and then a calculated column that said "if home = away "tie", if home > away win, otherwise lose (or something like that). Is it this easy in Drupal, but I am just missing it? If not this would be good functionality to try to get into Drupal.

It seems like you're looking

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It seems like you're looking for http://drupal.org/project/views_customfield. You can create the field to custom calculate. You may see it as custom code, but to do math it should be very minimal.

Thanks Ron

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i'll give that a shot. I'm not a "PHP'er" by trade, but I've been looking for an excuse to move in that direction. So this look like it could be a good entry-level step for me.

For the last few hours I was messing with SheetNode, but haven't been able to get it to do anything yet. I don't think it's ready yet for a D7 site, but I was hopeful.


i ll try it too

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I am also not a php'er but a simple view with a colom and row where we kan sort in a sharepointway would be great.