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Hi all

I have a job coming up that will require payments via credit card. I have developed Drupal sites before which use PayPal as the payment processor, but on this website, my client would prefer to be able to process credit cards without going via PayPal.

What credit card processors work well in Ireland with Drupal and are they easily set-up? What advice should I give my client regarding a Merchant Account - or do they need one?

Any other advice you can offer - please send it my way

Thanks a mil



A fairly popular credit card

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A fairly popular credit card processor in Ireland is Realex. They have both redirect (bit like paypal) and remote (requires ssl) where CC details are taken on site. There's integration modules for both Commerce (remote only atm, but with 3D secure support) and Ubercart (remote and redirect but no 3d secure afaik).

The fee structure is different from PayPal's - there's a per month fee, with a small fee per transaction then too. Charities get discounted rates.


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