Brevard County meetup - Nov. 12, 2013 - A pain free (sort of) approach to the Migraine (aka Migrate) module.

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2013-11-12 18:30 America/New_York

Join us on Tuesday, Nov. 12, 2013, 6:30pm at Ryans Pub upstairs in Cocoa Village. We will be discussing the Migrate module.

The Migrate module is written using object oriented php. And if you want to to migrate data using this module, you must write OO php. That was a problem for me as my background is in procedural php. Yet another learning cliff to climb! This discussion will explain the basic OO concepts you will need to know so that you too can write OO migration code.

Also, we will walk through the migration code that was used to migrate data from one version of Open Atrium to another. As we step through the code, we will discuss the tough lessons learned during it's development.

But more importantly, I will reveal some little known short cuts that will greatly reduce the effort (and pain) required to create migration code. During this holiday season, my gift to you will be:

  • How to connect to multiple databases in D6 and D7
  • How to easily find the D6 source data structure
  • How to use the Migration UI to your advantage
  • How to write OO migration code

This discussion will take off from where the Denvercon 2012 "Getting It Into Drupal with Migrate" session ended. I highly recommend that you view this session's video. Please note there is a minute or two of silence at the start of the video. (Thank Michael Trip (bowevil) for finding the video after it was removed from

Group Sessions notes: Dc Alt - Migration presentation notes. This is a shared Google doc that contains the presentation notes. Please feel free to add additional notes of you own to it.

Slideshow Link:
A less pain free approach to the Migraine Module.


Yes this sounds like fun.

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