Railsish Drupalism?

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Hi folks,

What kind of Railish Drupal tools exist? There is Drake (http://drupal.org/project/drake) which I definitely want to check out. What else is there?



It works

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I am trying to determine whether or not I want to develop some of my code in cakephp versus straight drupal. I am sure others might come to this point.

There are the questions and comments I had:

  • It would be nice to have session integration, I suppose that this is possible if you wrote a forth session handling and called it drake, or drupal. That way you could access all the same information as needed. I really need database handling so load balancing is easier
  • Writing it under cakephp obviously gives you a lot of benefits from the MVC perspective. I think it is more difficult developing modules with complex relationships in drupal.
  • Using straight drupal would keep it simple, plus you wouldn't have to learn a second system.
  • Writing it in cakephp should give you the opportunity to make the application standalone if need be. Let's face it drupal is great at content management, and is here to stay, but I might not want all my business applications built into it.
  • Drupal has a fairly well integrating database upgrade path and modularity. I don't know how far along cakephp is with migrations.

Has anyone give consideration to this? What level of integration have you achieved.



Loading node from view

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Since one of the benefits of Drupal is the division of labor for those who write the code and those who manage the content, it wou

Drupal provides good division of labor for coders and content providers. It would be ashame to lose that ability completely, so you could load the node like this from view.thtml.

<?php if(!defined('DRAKE')) { ?>

<h1>Welcome Letter</h1>
<p>This is a stub of the welcome letter.   If you are not in Drake.</p>

<?php } else { print  theme('page',node_view(node_load(209))); drupal_page_footer(); exit;} ?>

I am not certain if this is copasetic. Can anyone comment on a different or better approach?




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Drush ( http://drupal.org/project/drush ) reminds me a bit of rubygems with its package manager, but could also be seen as a bit like irb too if you squint and look sideways.



Daniel John Lewis MBCS