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I suspect this is not where I Should post this so if so, would someone be kind enough to point as to where I should?

I have some experience with Drupal and I am trying to learn CSS. I have very limited knowledge at this point. On the site www.internationalebrochure.com, I want to use a background image. I've accomplished that to a large degree. It uses D7 with the responsive green theme. You will notice that about a third of the way down the page there is a white line. I cannot figure out how to eliminate that. I can't find the associated code.

I would most appreciate help in sorting that out.


Hi there! Are you using

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Hi there! Are you using chrome developer tools or such to debug your css? If I understood right the white line that you describe is being added on style.css #footer - border-top: 1px solid #cfd7db; - just add border-top: none; and it will disappear.


footer at line

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#footer at line 1514
.footer_credit at line 1574

Both of them has a border-top declaration

In the other hand, you can add "background-size: cover" to body bg image, so you have a full screen image.

Hope it helps