OpenDrupal Hack Day

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2013-12-14 10:00 - 16:00 Europe/London
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OpenDrupal Hack Day

We’ll be holding a Hack Day at The Cube (Shoreditch, London) on Saturday 14th December 2013, 10am - 4pm to work on building the toolkit as a community. We’ll start with some open discussions and move into hands-on work on the toolkit.

Some of the areas you could help out on include:

  • Supporting documents - There’s a lot of knowledge which could be shared on running training programmes. On subjects such as how and where to recruit, mentoring, funding options, FAQs etc.
  • Learning module content - Writing & testing step-by-step learning documents
  • Tech - How can we create a scalable system for collaboration?
  • Research - Collate a library of useful links and documentsMonitoring & evaluation and programme structure’s
  • Anything else you can think of!

You don’t have to be a Drupal developer, or even know anything about the web to contribute. If you think you could help in any way, come along!

For anyone who wishes to join in, but won’t be able to make the day in-person we’ll try to make some arrangements to make this possible, and I’ll update this post with more details.

As there is limited capacity could anyone wishing to attend in-person please RSVP to 

There has been some work already started on the toolkit / curriculum in Google Drive, publicly available here: and the current canonical place for information on OpenDrupal is:

Thanks, and see you on the day!


Have had a great response to

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Have had a great response to this so far, thanks everyone!

One thing to add is that we'll be working on the toolkit in Google Drive. So if you are attending, please try to bring a laptop (or any device) with access to Google Drive.


Here's some more information

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Here's some more information about the day:

What we'll be doing

We'll be building a toolkit which will help companies run their own Drupal training programmes much more easily. It'll also allow us to share knowledge between organisations already running training programmes.

For the first iteration of this toolkit we'll be working in Google Drive as it's a simple and easily accessible tool for collaboration. There's already been some work started, and the Google Drive Folder is public so you can browse it here:

During the Hack Day we'll be focusing on two main areas: 1) Background Information 2) Learning Materials we can split up into groups and work on specific parts of the toolkit. Myself and Araceli will be helping out getting people set up, leading groups and will be around for any questions throughout the day.


Saturday 14th December 2013
10am - Kick off
1pm - Lunch (Food will be provided) / Group updates
4pm - Close

If you can't make it to the start of the day, please feel free to drop in whenever you can.

What you'll need

A laptop, and access to Google Drive (formerly Google Docs), any address, or any email address you can use to sign in to Google will allow this.


The Hack Day will be at The Cube, 155 Commercial St. E1 6BJ (Shoreditch). The nearest station is Shoreditch High St. Overground, and Liverpool St. is a short walk away. See: Google Maps link.

If you have any questions at all, please just drop me an email or send a message.

See you on Saturday!

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