Problems with setting uploading for users

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I'm perplexed. I am editing two different sites that both have ckeditor. Both are in D6. I have it set on both sites so that when the user clicks on the image icon in the Body, they are able to successfully upload the image using the box that comes up, and set the different image properties, click OK, and then the photo appears in the Body. No problem there.

But when the user wants to create a link to have a PDF show up, for example, the user would click on the link icon, go to the upload tab - same as when uploading an image, click on "Send it to the server", but on one site it successfully switches to the Link Info tab where the Protocol is already set to and the url is already filled in. The user just has to click on OK and the file uploads, and the text that they set to hold the image is clickable, just as it is supposed to.

On the other site however, when the user clicks on the Upload tab, choose the file, and clicks on "Send it to the server", it doesn't automatically switch to the Link Info tab. So if I manually click on it, I find that the Protocol is not set properly and the url box is not filled in. If I fill it in manually and click OK, the link does not work.

I looked on the server on this problem site, and saw that the file never did upload to the server. So I started comparing the two sites' settings to see what might be different and hopefully find the problem, but I haven't seen it yet.

I checked the File system path and that is correct.
I checked the settings in the CKEditor and compared the two sites. There are a few different settings available to each site, but basically they seem to be about the same.
I checked permissions and the "Editor" and "Auth" users are set to be able to use CKEditor. I tried to use the box signed in as user one, however, and it didn't even work that way. So it must not be permissions.

I looked in File uploads in Site configuration and both sites' settings looked the same. (both have 0 in the max widthxheight though, which made me wonder).

Does anyone have any other ideas for things I could check? I'm done with the site and ready to hand it over so they can edit it themselves, but I have to get it so they can upload the PDF's and other files. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Server permissions

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Hi skygal,

What solved this for me in the past was checking and correcting the directory permissions and ownership on the server. If you don't have access, you'll have to contact the hosting company to get them set for you.

Hope that helps!

It's a UW campus that houses

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It's a UW campus that houses the servers so I could check with them. But if the upload works for the photos, shouldn't it be the same for other files?



Check logs

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Places to check for errors are Drupal recent log entries and php error log for php errors. Do you see anything in these files to help sleuth the problem?

No luck finding anything

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No luck finding anything helpful in the logs.

A new problem has been found. When I log in as a test editor, the upload tab doesn't even show up. I set the editor role to be able to access and administer ckeditor, but that didn't help.



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Couple of questions:
1. Are you uploading the same file types on both sites? Ex - are JPGs working on one but not the other?
2. Have you compared the upload_max_filesize in the php.ini of each site?

As far as permissions, ensure that the test editor has permission to upload files and that they have permission for that particular input type.

Also, I think that there are restrictions as to the file types allowed for various upload areas in the editor. The fields are validated against a set of allowed extensions, and so you can't assume that you can upload any file type via the editor. This also goes for Drupal upload fields. You have to tell it what types to allow. You can get more info on the ckeditor fields on their website:


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