Perusio Config & AdvAgg

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AdvAgg has 404 problems with Perusio's config.

Someone listed the issue here, they describe the solution is to comment out:

try_files $uri
in the AdvAgg blocks (in drupal.conf).
However this doesn't seem to have any effect. This is possibly because inside

location /{ ....}

Is the same line:
try_files $uri @drupal

And so it's inherited if you comment it out. Has anyone removed the 404 errors from AdvAgg?

This is the full error. Clearing the caches, resetting AdvAgg, turning it off and on has no effect (not that I was particularly hopeful).

Adv CSS/JS Agg - HTTP Request  HTTP requests to advagg for css files are not getting through.

AdvAgg will issue a request for a file that does not exist inside of the AdvAgg directory. If AdvAgg sends a 404, everything is ok; if something else sends a 404 then that means that AdvAgg will not be able to generate an aggregate if it is missing as something else is handling the 404 before AdvAgg has a chance to do it. If you are reading this, it means that something else is handling the 404 before AdvAgg can.

Raw request info:

stdClass Object
    [request] => GET /sites/default/files/advagg_css/css__1385659830.css HTTP/1.0
       User-Agent: Drupal (+


This is

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The question is that Mike changed the way the filenames are generated. Noiw using two _ instead of one.

two underscores

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I went for two underscores as drupal_hash_base64() will output them. AdvAgg 6.x used MD5 and thus didn't have this issue. By using two underscores it makes it a lot simpler to read the 3 different hashes.

Explanation of the pattern from the readme file.
The first base64 hash value tells us what files are included in the aggregate. Changing what files get included will change this value. The second base64 hash value is used as a sort of version control; it changes if any of the base files contents have changed. Changing a base files content (like drupal.js) will change this value. The third base64 hash value records what settings were used when generating the aggregate. Changing a setting that affects how aggregates get built (like toggling "Create .gz files") will change this value.

I still have this error. No

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I still have this error. No matter if I put two _ or one in the nginx config.

I wonder what we do wrong...