Meet Up: Capital District Nosh, Discover and Connect - Round 2

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2013-12-10 18:00 - 20:00 America/New_York

Greetings -

Last month (phew, time flies) seven of us had a bit of a get together in downtown Albany - a big thanks to all who came!

At our November gathering we had people with a range of interests, from the managing of Drupal projects, to front-end, to dev-ops...

Tuesday, December 10th has been set aside for the next gathering.

Tom has been good enough to arrange space in the Rensselaer Tech Park.
4 Global View
Troy, NY 12180
(Directions: Take exit 8 off I-90, turn left onto rt. 4 proceed about 2 miles turn left into the the RPI Tech park (jordan Road) proceed 1/2 mile, turn left onto Global View. Entrance is the WHMT building.)

I believe we'll have to sign in to get in to the building. So in the interest of knowing who to expect and to anticipate a pizza order, please indicate if you are thinking of coming by signing up here (it's not a contract in blood, promise).

We should have lots of time for chatting, but to give a bit of structure, what do others think about have 5 minute share sessions of something (tangentially Drupal related) you've learned recently. Other ideas strongly desired - please share.

Warm regards,
Meredith (goldieashe)


Would love to attend, sadly cannot.

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I won't be able to make it this time round, have a slice for me. I'm sure we'll see each other next month!

I've been wanting to go to a

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I've been wanting to go to a Drupal gathering for a while. I think it could be fun! :). I just have to shuffle around an overlapping appointment, but I'm optimistic.

As it happens, I also have a front-end / theme issue. Is it OK to bring a laptop and ask people for help? Or is this more of a social event? I just want to make sure I'm not bugging people when they're trying to unwind. Even without getting advice, I'm going to try to move my other appointment and get to this.

Thanks for organizing this!

Good afternoon -Of course

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Good afternoon -

Of course you're welcome to bring your laptop and issue, I'm sure we'll have time for some troubleshooting.

I envision that we'll spend about 1/2 of the time on the more structured 5 minutes of sharing discoveries - but then have time for discussion and socializing.

Looking forward to meeting you!

Count me in

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I like the idea of a 5 minute something new I learned with Drupal presentations.

I'm in!

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Looks like I'll be able to make it. I'm really looking forward to this. Thanks for putting this together.

Will there be wifi? (I have a problem, but its on a dev server and not on my laptop.)

Should I bring anything? Cash for pizza?

Thanks again!

If you'd like to bring some

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If you'd like to bring some adult carbonated beverages (aka beer) that would be great.

If there isn't wifi at the facility I am sure we'll have one or more portable hot spots to use.


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I don't drink beer or pretty much any alcohol, so I'd be horrible at picking out a good beer. Sorry. Any specific requests I can help with?

Can't be there and how about proposing a January date?

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I would love to be there but I'll be in NYC that night. Is there a January date yet? If not, how about Tuesday, January 7th, 6 p.m.?

I'm glad to see the group

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I'm glad to see the group getting some interest. I'm not in charge but I don't see any reason NOT to have the January meeting that date.

pizza n beer n wifi

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I believe there will be wifi available, I will know for sure (ie. I will have the password) when I get there.

As far as food goes, I am unsure how much pizza we should get - There is a pretty good pizza spot nearby, 11.50 per large pie. I planned on two pizzas - I would take a voluntary collection of $1 per slice (and I would get two pizzas hoping that would be enough for everyone) As far as beer goes - I'd suggest a BYOB, only due to the fact I am not sure how many people plan on having beer. This way you can also bring your empties back with you. :-) If I have time, I will pick up a microbrew of something at the cumby's nearby. I will also bring sodas etc.,

As far as future dates I am fine with any date in January, but I don't think this location will be available in January. There are private rooms that can be booked at the East Greenbush Library, that might be closer for everybody than the Clifton Park location... BUT no alcohol allowed. It seems to me that we should be reaching out to SUNY or RPI or one of those tech schools for these meet ups.

I will be making another

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I will be making another attempt at showing my face tomorrow. Looking forward to meeting you all and reconnecting with anyone from the last attempt to get meetups going.

As personal opinion, I do not drink, and prefer academic settings when possible.

Meeting tonite (12-10-2013) in North Greenbush

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I'm going to try to make it tonite, but probably can't stay for more than 1 hour if that long. So I won't need food or drink, but glad to contribute to the cause. I'd like to see this group get back on its feet and active, so these early steps are important.

Albany, NY

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