Drupal414: How to create a responsive, mobile-first theme with Omega!

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2013-12-19 18:00 - 20:00 America/Chicago
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User group meeting

So, you've finished building your amazing Drupal site with all the features and functionality you want... BUT it doesn't look the way you want it visually!

To fix this you'll need to build a custom theme. Creating a Drupal theme from scratch can be a lot of work which involves CSS, Javascript, HTML and PHP, which is why most people start with a base theme instead.

Omega is a base theme that allows you to build a custom theme using entirely CSS (and some JavaScript if you want it) - no HTML or PHP required!

Oh, and did I mention that it allows you to quickly and easily build mobile-first and responsive designs as well? It's 100% fancy buzz word compliant. :-)

In this presentation, Kevin Ciesielski, will show us how to create a custom, responsive Drupal theme using Omega!

No experience required - if you never created a theme and always wondered what that's about, this presentation is for you. And if you've built themes - but not using Omega - you'll get to see all the awesome tools it gives you.

The best food at a Meetup!

As always, Steve will bring some amazing home cookin'! We might not be the biggest Meetup, but we have the best food!

Bring your problems & successes:

Are you working on a Drupal site and hit a problem? Bring it to the meetup and we'll try to help you solve it!

Did you just create something awesome with Drupal? Or learn something cool? Show it off during a 5 minute lightning talk.


We don't have an open house

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We don't have an open house this time! Looking forward to this meetup with my coworker/buddy