User can select the Page layout

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I have use Page content type, when user added data in page then he want to select layout to display data in multipal column and row.

User can select the Page layout to design content .
Any module or any way to get the layout.

I have use composit layout module but not user friendly.



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You can use as content type (can choose layout) ,
if you need to add the template features , have to customize the panel module

any other modules

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any other modules .. Panel is for developer to design the pages.

Display Suite

You can do this using

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You can do this using Panelizer.
With the right settings, you can let the user choose from different layouts for each node

I saw a comment saying panels is for developers.
It can also be selectively exposed to users.
You can choose what the user can change in a panel wrt to a node.

Also checkout panels_everywhere this lets you set panel layouts for all Drupal pages.



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